It won’t be pay day for an unknown conman who tried to hustle Basketmouth of at least N500,000 after he met a brick wall at the hands of the comedian.

Said conman had sent a text message to Basketmouth telling him that his phone number was among 30 lucky winners selected to win N500,000 “in NNPC OIL COMPANY”.

The comedian promptly took to Instagram to share a screen shot of the text message as well as his hilarious reply:
«Congratulations! You’ve just won the award for the BIGGEST idiot in the world, this award comes with a very dirty slap. Pls call 0800eatsh*t to redeem your price.

Trust Basketmouth to make light of any situation, the funny man also went on to say that what hurt the most was the fact that the person thought he was a MUGU.


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