Marriage Counselor Says Kaseba Should Tell Zambians About Sata’s Condition

A traditional marriage counselor has said First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba must discard traditional teachings that forbid wives from divulging bedroom secrets and tell Zambians President Michael Sata’s condition.

The traditional marriage counselor Mailesi Tembo from Kabanana Township said in Lusaka that Dr Kaseba was not helping matters by stating that the president was well and functioning normally in State House.

She said it was abundantly clear for all Zambians and other people that there was something wrong with Michael Sata, but Kaseba was insisting that the president was well.

Tembo was reacting to the statement, which was made by Dr Kaseba that Michael Sata was alive and well at State House.

For a very long time now, Michael Sata has avoided being seen in public and his rare public appearances have shown a frail looking and sick man. The government and State House have continued to say the president was well.

But Tembo said Dr Kaseba was an educated woman who must realize that hiding a secret such as the sickness of a husband was not helping matters because she could be concealing a problem from people who had a solution to it.

“Let our sister just come out in the open and tell us what is going on at State House. I am a traditional marriage counselor and we advise couples not to share bedroom secrets with other people. This is what Dr Kaseba is doing, but she has forgotten that we are talking about the republican president. He is not just an ordinary person. We advise people who come to consult that us that it is not in order to conceal the sickness of your partner,” she said.

In Zambia, traditional marriage counselors are men and women who advise people who are about to wed as well as those who are already in matrimony on a range of topics that concern the institution of marriage.

Tembo said Dr Kaseba was the best person to advise Michael Sata on whether to continue as president if the health of the president was failing him.

She said Dr Kaseba would be exposed to shame and ridicule once it was discovered that there was a sick man in State House following her denials that Michael Sata was not ailing.

She said it was unethical for the people of Zambia to be fed on lies and inconsistent messages about the health of their leader by the same people who are expected to safeguard the interest of the people.

“It is usually shameful when it is realized that someone has been hiding a sick husband in the house. We have seen some cases where a wife never told anyone about the patient, not until after matters became worse,” she said.

Recently, there have been clarion calls from different sections of society for State House and the government to disclose Michael Sata’s true health condition.

Michael Sata, who has made several international trips secretly for medical treatment has shunned several important public meetings where he was expected to make major policy pronouncements about his government.

Later this year, Michael Sata is expected to officially open the National Assembly and it is highly expected that he would be available for the crucial occasion because he is indisposed.

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