Mauritania reinforces security around embassies of Western countries

Since Monday’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, the head of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, Mauritania has reinforced security measures around the embassies of Western nations based in the capital Nouakchott.

A security source told Xinhua that the deployment of extra security forces around these embassies is to prevent any retaliatory attack from the North African wing of Al-Qaeda (AQIM) following the killing of Osama.

Since 2005, Mauritania has experienced rising terrorism related violence. AQIM started launching attacks against the African country’s army and kidnapped Western nationals on the Mauritanian soil.

In one case, a kamikaze terrorist group tried to attack the French Embassy in Mauritania but failed in its mission. AQIM has been accusing Mauritania of wagging a war against them on behalf of France.

Since 2010, Mauritania has launched several attacks against AQIM camps in Mali’s northern desert, sometimes with technical and logistical support from France.

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