Mbita Chitala calls for the ouster of all non MMD founding leaders, they just hijacked the party and causing squables

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Mar 30th, 2014
Mbita Chitala

Mbita Chitala

Dr Mbita Chitala

MMD founder member, Mbita Chitala has said the current uncertainty in the party can be contributed to it being managed by non founding members.

Mr Chitala said the insecurity in the major opposition political party was as a result of senior party officials’ lack of understanding of the party’s basic principles on which it was founded.

He said the only remedy to sustain the MMD was to call for an urgent convention and oust out all those who hijacked the party.

Mr Chitala who joined concerned senior party officials on the need to hold a convention said the MMD risked being swallowed by other political parties and that electing new crop of leaders would settle the wrangles..

“The need to go for a convention is ripe so that it can get rid of non founding members of the party who did not understand the founding principles, the manifesto as well as the constitution, this is what has contributed to current squabbles,” said Mr Chitala.

He said MMD’s challenge is that it was being handled by outsiders hence the need to get back to its roots and focus on re-branding it by changing the party manifesto, constitution and concentrate on developing it.

Mr Chitala said the current wrangles should not be taken lightly because they had potential to contribute to the collapse of the party and ensure that non founder members were gotten rid of immediately.

In an interview today, Mr Chitala said the MMD had been hijacked by people with different divergent views, a situation which had exasperated the founding members.

He said confusions in the party started when former President Levy Mwanawasa who left a good legacy died and the party was left in the hands of non founders who started embracing non founders and allowed them to start frustrating old members.

He said people like the current party president Nevers Mumba, former Lusaka chairperson, William Banda and others were allowed to harass old members they found like, Catherine Namugala and Major Richard Kachingwe without considering the repercussion.

“The current leader had a political party, it is common knowledge, cadres came in after Dr Mwanawasa left a good legacy, after his death party cadres came and were allowed to embarrass senior party officials, the risk of continuing with this scenario is that the party will be swallowed in other parties, it has 50 Members of Parliament (MP) and sustenance is the convention,” he said

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