Micro Finance Programme for Public Servants Is Failing

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Jun 9th, 2014

Dear Editors, please hide my name, as this is an important issue that the public should know about.

The PF government created the PUBLIC SERVICE MICRO-FINANCE programme, with the promise of giving out loans to civil servants at a reduced interest of 5% over an agreed period of time.

Many civil servants applied although only a few were given. The few that were given had their amounts reduced with the institution claiming lack of funds.

I was one of the people who applied for the same last year October. Sadly, I have not received the money despite my pay being deducted for the same. The deductions have been appearing on my payslip for over five months now. I have pushed and pushed the people there particularly, a Mr Chilufya, who happens to be a boss there but nothing.

It has been months of fake promises. Also note that two of my colleagues are facing the same challenge.

Can someone with a legal mind help me. Isn’t it criminal for the institution to begin to recover money for a loan which was not credited to a person?

Is this what the government meant by more money in our pockets?

What further action can i take seeing that past actions have proved futile?

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