Militiamen kill, wound displaced in North Darfur

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Aug 1st, 2014

Pro-government militiamen shot dead a displaced man near Korma, North Darfur, on Thursday afternoon. Four others were wounded. The elements also stole 400 sheep, and ordered the camp residents to stop tending the surrounding farms.

A witness and activist from Shoba camp in El Fasher locality told Radio Dabanga that ten militia members, riding on the backs of five camels, stormed the camp at 6 pm. They fired dense shots into the air, which killed Saleh Nurain Saleh, a displaced man from Tarafona. Four wounded, including a woman, were taken to the base of the AU-UN hybrid peacekeeping mission (Unamid) in Korma, about 60km west of El Fasher, for treatment.

The attack resulted in the escaping of large numbers of displaced people towards the Unamid base, the source said. He further reported that after this attack, the militiamen moved to the outskirts of the camp, where they attacked several nomads and their cattle. They stole 400 of the nomads’ sheep, and then fled to Abu Jelbah, according to the witness.

‘About 20 rape victims’

He added that members of the militia have beaten some of the displaced and raped several women. “In total, about 20 women have been raped by these men since the rainy season started (in June, ed.).”

Militiamen prevent farming

The pro-government militiamen also prevented the residents of Shoba from tending their farms, which they have built around the camp. “They claimed that these lands are meant for grazing, not for cultivation, and told the displaced to stay where they are in the camps,” the activist said. “Now, the people are afraid to go outside and stay inside their homes, not going out to tend the farmlands or cattle.”

On 20 July, Radio Dabanga reported that militiamen in North Darfur are grazing their livestock at farmlands. “They prohibit us to prepare for the new agricultural season,” a farmer in Donki Ba’ashim said.

File photo (Radio Dabanga archive)


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