Militiamen wound two, surround West Darfur town

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Aug 8th, 2014

Pro-government militiamen attacked two men in Amarjadeed, more than 50 km north of El Geneina town in West Darfur, on Thursday.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that two militia elements attacked the house of Ishag Adam Garma in an attempt to rob him. When Garma defended himself, the militiamen shot him, as well as his neighbour Ishag Mahmoud Abas who had come to help him.

The wounded were taken to a military hospital in El Geneina for treatment.

The witness reported that about 200 militia elements on horses then surrounded the village in Jebel Moon locality from Thursday until Friday. “The authorities had sent a military group in seven cars to Amarjadeed, to chase the militiamen away. Unfortunately, the group did not reach the village until Friday because the rainfall had filled the valleys on the way.”

File photo: Gunmen riding horses (archive)

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