Ministers, diplomats write to President Jammeh

Some Gambian ministers and ambassadors representing the country abroad have written to the president of the Republic, His Excellency Sheikh Prof. Alh. Dr. Yahya Jammeh, congratulating him on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution, as well as the just concluded Holy Month of Ramadan.

Text of their letters read:

Assalamou Alaekum Warahmatullah Wabaraka tuh

Your Excellency, Sir, as I assume duties in Brussels coinciding with the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan, my family and all staff of the Gambian Embassy in Brussels join me in extending to Your Excellency and the First Family, our prayers and best wishes for a blessed, peaceful and rewarding Ramadan. May Allah (SWT) shower Your Excellency with His bounteous blessings throughout this holy month and beyond.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem.

Teneng Mba Jaiteh



Your Excellency,

                  On the occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution, allow me to convey, on behalf of my colleagues in this Embassy together with our compatriots residing in the jurisdictions we serve, and on my own behalf and family, our heartfelt congratulations to Your Excellency, the First Family, the Government and People of The Gambia.

As we join Your Excellency in celebrating this landmark event, we are confident that you will relentlessly steer the affairs of our great country to higher heights.

May Allah the Almighty give you the inspiration, guidance and support to enable you to realise your noble goals.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem.

Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding (Mrs.)



               On behalf of the staff of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, my family and my humble self, I write to extend my sincere congratulations to Your Excellency, the First Family and the entire Gambian people on the joyous occasion of the 20th July 22nd anniversary.

Your Excellency, the entire Gambian people can now attest that July 22nd is our independence day. This is manifested in the development strides made since 1994 indicating that we are no longer crawling but firmly walking on our own. We have now seen the essence of Independence under Your Excellency’s leadership.

Since Your Excellency became the Head of State of this nation, we are no longer as small as we used to be; development no longer an empty word, it is active and happening in every part of the country. Thanks to your hard work, dedication and ambition to move us away from poverty. You have eradicated poverty in many ways by creating conducive atmosphere for everyone, creating marketing opportunities, promoting agricultural production, education, health, infrastructural development, it goes on and on.

Under Your Excellency’s able leadership, the Gambian people have continuously enjoyed freedom, peace, stability, socio-economic and technological development and also eliminated social injustice meted on the ordinary Gambians.

In this occasion, I wish to offer my continuous prayers for the Almighty Allah to grant Your Excellency and your entire family with good health and long life to enable you to take our beloved nation to the highest height.

Your Excellency, please accept the assurances of my highest consideration and unflinching loyalty.

Hon. Bala Garba-Jahumpa

Minister of Transport, 

Works and Infrastructure

and Secretary General, APRC


                  On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution, I wish to seize the opportunity, on behalf of the staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture; the Gambia Tourism Board; the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute; the National Centre for Arts and Culture as well as the entire Tourism and Culture fraternities of The Gambia, and indeed on my own behalf, to convey our profound and heartfelt felicitation to His Excellency the President of the Republic and to the government and people of The Gambia.

May the Almighty Allah continue to bless, guide and protect His Excellency the President, the First Family and the People of The Gambia and may His Excellency be granted the fortitude and wisdom to continue to steer the affairs of our beloved motherland to even higher heights.

Highest consideration,

Hon. Mrs. Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie



Your Excellency,

           Please allow me to take this opportunity to offer my sincere personal greeting and that of my family. We hope the Almighty Allah will grant us a bountiful rainy season with abundant harvest.

Your Excellency, as we take stock of the 20 years under your leadership, one can only take pride in the rapid political social and economic developments of The Gambia that were ushered in by the July 22nd Revolution. The children that were born at the time and who are now of voting age, may not be able to know that there was a different environment between the first and second republics. Those of us, who joined that movement at that historic moment, can only thank the Almighty Allah for having been there and for harkening to your call for National Reorientation and Reconstruction.

I personally take much pride and comfort at the time as Divisional Chairman for KMC July 22nd movement in the fantastic reorganization of the political structures, methods and forms that were ushered in by the revolution, especially your call for the youths and Gambians at large to go back to the land. I had then offered my land at Kerewan, Kombo North as a pilot project, mobilizing youths of the urban area into agricultural related activities. The creation of agricultural surplus in the national economy leads to the creation of a processing industry, which is the precursor to rapid industrialization and technical development. This form of surplus will also feed the rapidly growing urban population and impact positively on our foreign exchange and balance of payments.

Your Excellency’s call for national food self-sufficiency and the national school feeding programme to be produced locally adds further impetus to the need for structured and focused farming by individuals and communities alike, using modern techniques in all aspects of farming.

Your Excellency, I have never wavered over the years from this quest that is in synchronism with your call for large-scale agricultural activities. In this regard, I have with the assistance of the Venerable Governor of North Bank Region, been allocated 100 ha of land for farming purposes in Juffureh. The intention is to create a farm in the image of Your Excellency’s farming practices for both seasonal cropping and dry season irrigated farming and animal husbandry.

Today after much physical effort, I have been able to clear by hand 20ha and we intend to have under cultivation 20Ha of maize. In the coming dry season, we intend to have 10ha under irrigated cropping of onions and other vegetables. By 22nd July 2015 we intend to have 20Ha of bananas, which we hope Your Excellency will consent to visiting the farm during the next meet the farmers’ tour. Already 3ha of bananas has been planted.

Your Excellency, Allah Subhana Wa Tallah has many blessings and in His infinite mercy can make the above plan materialise. However, Allah the Almighty has always done his good works through his chosen people in this our earthly sojourn whom, He empowers, enables and gives the good will and commitment to do the things that He wills in this world.

We take cognizance of Your Excellency’s commitment to the welfare and well being of the Gambian people and your emphasis on farming, even to the point of reducing the working week so that people can get time for their farming activities. Today Your Excellency, Allah bestowed the welfare of the Gambian people in your hands and we pray that Allah will continue to guide and protect you.

Your Excellency, our prayers today is as follows: “That in keeping with the spirit of public – private partnership, Your Excellency grant us a fully equipped tractor together with trailer, plough, harrow, rigger, corn Sheller and boom sprayer”.

These are needed so that we can fast track our activities and contribute to Your Excellency’s national food self-sufficiency objective (Vision 2016).

Your Excellency, all the above plans production, storage, marketing and processing are only possible with availability of affordable and efficient energy delivery system. You may recall that I am a professionally trained Engineer in this area although I have a passion for agriculture. I am hereby offering my advisory and other services if needed to you and your government for the achievement of Vision 2020.

Your Excellency, we continue to pray for your well being and that of the First Family and we hereby give you assurance that we remain committed an faithful foot soldiers in your quest for national development and food self sufficiency.

Please be assured Your Excellency, of my highest consideration, respect and personal allegiance and that of my family.

Serigne Baboucarr Mass Jobe

 Dippa Kunda