MMD Campaigns in Mangango were well funded-Katoongo

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Aug 19th, 2014

Time Posted: August 19, 2014 6:12 am

Dr Mumba takes time to rest and chat with local people

Dr Mumba takes time to rest and chat with local people

Western Province MMD Provincial Chairperson Kameya Katoongo has laughed off assertions that the party did not fund the campaigns in the Tuesday Mangango by-elections.

Speaking in an interview Mr. Katoongo said the story on one of the online publications is a fabrication of lies which the public should ignore with the contempt it deserves.

He explained that the party secretariate in Lusaka supported the candidate and the campaign team from the nomination day with all the logistics hence whoever was giving the information to the named online publication is just bent on destroying the name of the party and that of the president.

He explained that the campaigns were well funded by the party and that if there were any setbacks which he said is expected during the campaigns then it was not as a result of lack of funds.

He said that campaign team had done all the necessary campaigns and that it had reached all the 7 wards which is impossible to do without proper funding as the constituency is vast.

He thanked the party president for helping them campaign saying his presence and logistical support will surly have a positive impact on the undecided electorate.

He also questioned the motive of the online publication for publicizing such a malicious story.

Meanwhile Mr. Katoongo has rated the party’s chances of scooping the by-elections as high.

He said the campaign team had done its home work and that all that is remaining is for the voters to cast their votes wisely and vote for MMD candidate who campaigned with words and ideas not violence.

Mr. Katoongo was reacting to a story in one of the online publications which reported that the former ruling party is broke and that it only used K11000 for the whole campaigns.

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