M’membe Talks PF Extravagance

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 16th, 2014

Kabimba-M'membePost Newspapers Editor Fred M’membe has taken a jibe at the extravagant nature of his peers in government.

M’membe, who himself is not immune to the trappings of extravagance said that some ministers had more office space and furniture than they needed.

The lead actor in the PF power game that comprises the trinity of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito and himself was speaking during a rare public appearance at the Rural Electrification Authority organized workshop.

“Go in the offices, look at the amount of furniture and the size of the office, then you find a very small person like me sitting behind such a huge desk then there is a huge conference table with so many chairs when people never sit in there, there is an expensive Samsung television and so on but equipment in hospitals is missing,” he said mirroring his own offices.

M’membe, widely considered the Patriotic Front chief propagandist, said it was important for government to have a modern communication department with state of the art equipment.

“It is important for government to have communication, it is not everything that is done by free media the world has changed or independent media, the government needs to have its communication department and well equipped,” he said.

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