Morocco: Polisario Propaganda Machine is Outdated

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Dec 12th, 2012

This reflection is based on the final report of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations released on November 28.  A report that has greatly exasperated the Polisario and its biggest backer, Algeria, because the mandate of Christopher Ross, who did not drain as such, unfortunately for them, has not moved one iota. Then everything appears as a slap to Polisario and Algeria certainly a disappointment and frustration, because it is difficult to cope with the fact that Algeria petrodollars invested millions in taxpayers’ aid Algerian Polisario friends without getting anything but foolishly spoiling the promotion of the Maghreb Union. The report, in my opinion, shows that Morocco is no longer the country that screws up talking about conflict management, and also highlights the Polisario, Algeria doll, in betting on the wrong blind horse, besides other dirty and despicable intrigues hatched by Algeria. Instead, the unquestionable victory of Morocco is that the country has not fallen into the trap concocted by the Polisario and the Algerian regime giving certainly palpable evidence that the visit of Christopher Ross has been managed with glove silk. So, without incident, without falling into the trap of provocation.


Further proof of that intelligent governance, without ignoring the sharp eye and permanent prudence, is the single best way to immunize the country and naturally lend credibility to the bold plan of autonomy, considered by the Security Council of United Nations as realistic and believable. Conversely to the malicious intentions of Polisario and Algerian godfather, who wanted to reignite the disorder and revolt in the Sahara in the presence of the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, as did horribly in the Saharawi camp on the outskirts of the city of Laayoune, sabotage plan has been broken. Consequently, Algeria vents its anger, takes the worst bump. The overwhelming defeat is also manifested in not falling into the trap of provocation which involved demonstrations aimed at forcing the police to resort to violence.  Thus, the provocateurs tried to internationalize a possible violence used by public authorities with the protesters and, thus tarnishing the image of human rights in Morocco and present it as a country of torture.


Still, the Algerians and the Polisario were so frustrated to see that their propaganda machine was not functioning well as used to be in the past.  Their vainly tried to monopolize spanish media, NGOs some political parties in attempt to tarnish Morocco’s image but they were not successful this time.  Special Envoy arrived in Laayoune and met freely with different goups and NGOs including the propolisio ones.  The Moroccans managed Christopher Ross did not intervene or block Mr; Christopher ‘s agenda.  Moroccans’ aim was to show to the UN diplomat and to the international community that the false image that the Algerians and the Polisario put forward on the human right situation in that region does not exisit.   Christopher’s visit to that region was an irrefutable proof of the fiasco of the maneuver of the Polisario. To see firsthand evidence of their failure, anyone can consult the videos released on the Internet, to realize that only excerpts broadcast from a brutal attack with stones on police vans by a minority of angry protesters. i


However, the most important element are claims of the Polisario their poisonous propaganda that is working assiduously but in vain to shade the image of Morocco by inventing insurrections and rebellions.  Morocco obtained a lot during Christopher Ross’s visit.  That was an occasion even for the Personal Envoy to address thereasons of misunderstanding between him and Moroccan officials, political parties leaders and NGOs.  In any case, Morocco has demonstrated that he could never be a victim of the machination of the separatists who wanted to provoke and embarrass Morocco before the international community.


The arsonists who intended to instrumentalize Personal Envoy’s visit to the Sahara, to mislead the international communit, were completely disappointed.  In fact they suffered a blow. Actually, it is true that Morocco has done what should be done and has been successful to manage Personal Envoy’s visit.  That was an ooportunity to show effectively the stability, respect of human rights, rule of law and economic growth that prevail in the Sahara.  It is up to the other conflicting party to take a more serious and politically acceptable proposal.  Morocco has put on the UN “table” an autonomy proposal that was (and still is) qualified by some permanent members of the UN Security Council as serious, credible and realistic.  Time is passing by and Morocco like any other state with a clear vision cannot waste time in dealing with propaganda intrigues and commit itself to a series of negotiations that lead to nowhere.


Said Temsamani

Political analyst



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