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Dec 27th, 2013

I have a Jewish blood in me but i hate that even i hate Jews specially Israeli ones(i will write more about that)this article is about what the Israeli intelligence operations organization engaged and executed agendas in Ethiopia.

the beginning

when Israel formed as a state in 1947 they driven out the native inhabitants specially Palestinians and united nations was at the verge of recognizing Israel ,Ethiopia stood with the Palestinians which was a right decision at that time so the Israeli put this in mind and considered Ethiopia their enemies even if this did not happen they would have made Ethiopians their enemy s.

operation Solomon

this operation is conducted in 1991 while derg regime is at it’s last breath to death on the 11th hour the Israelis deceived mengistu hailemariam who was the leader of Ethiopia at that time by Trading felasha people(beta israel) by military support ,first of all mengistu was aided by Russians in military aspects he switched to Israeli but the Israeli might be the reason for his defeat in his previous war engagements .after transporting many Ethiopians to Israel the operation was a success.why do they need betaisraels(black Ethiopian Jews)?one reason is to have a class which one class is a cheap man power and a class that they would conduct scientific experiment on it .

Eritrean Ethiopian war 1998 to June 2000

on Eritrean Ethiopian war hundred thousand of souls perished this was the war that resonated the bravery of Ethiopians even they demolished 100 kilometer bunker “geza gebresilassie”which was fortified with mines which took many lives(the usage of mines shows that they were advices by other entities specially CIA b/c this was not a style that was not adapted by Eritreans ) and even marched to Asmara capital of Eritrea(the overall operation was called operation sunset) and the commander of the war was prime minister meles zenawi.The air force which was equipped with su 27s (which this indicates the Russians were helping Ethiopia even they gave them the Russian version of su 27 b/c they were disassembling their own aircraft in Russia without modifying them and assembling them in Ethiopia and gave them the best trainer personnel) and using those air crafts they controlled the air superiority and won every dog fight which astounded the let us come too what the Israeli’s were doing at this time :-as they deceived mengistu they deceived meles may be by showing the compared gene of Ethiopians and Jews after they do this they begin their attack by informing the Eritreans the progress of Ethiopian army and air force even that’s why some aircraft were shot down, on the land many loss of frontal progress , on the bombardment of sawa military camp despite the bombers were old Antonov types no aircraft was downed and this shows that the Ethiopian never did inform no body when they were flying that sortie.bloods of many Ethiopians are on the hand of Israelis even at that time the leader was Benjamin Netanyahu( leading1996–1999). currently they are spreading a rumor that they were the ones in the theater of the war suffering with Ethiopians.

racism against black Jews

they were bragging that “there is no black Jew” ,they emulate Nazi and forgot what happened to them.their racism is not limited only with blacks they even discriminate Arabs.they give contraceptives for the black Jews to halt their multiplication and reproduction. they throw a donated blood of black Jews in basket by saying it’s a infected blood type.this was a practice that was adapted decades ago and recently they rejected a black Knesset member blood and threw it to basket after that Shimon Peres apologized at that time which was a lie b/c he was one of the people who passed made Ethiopians blood not to be accepted .after he apologized i am sure they would have thrown her blood to basket if she donated again.

read this websites about their inferior racism

the scandal of captain Aster tolosa

she shot down an Ukrainian flown mig-29 pilot the aircraft is armed so what was it was doing if it was trainer version mig 29ub or unarmed. The pilot was mercenary for Eritrea and who was very experienced after that she disappeared form the air force what did happen ?and there was a gossip that was spread that she was gone to USA but that must be a lie b/c the US officially was seen as a foe.her destination would be Israel b/c of the fake friendship that they had with meles zenawi,even they may have taken su 27 with them b/c the pilot only cannot matter.

the hand of mosad in the crash of Ethiopian flight number 409 Boeing 737

the crash of Ethiopian airliner that was flying from Beirut to Addis Ababa might be conducted by mosad and being helped by CIA

b/c of this reasons

>there was no single Jewish and American on that plane

>the blackbox was hidden after it was retrieved

>different possible hypotheses that were addressed by different bodies which were confusing

>an American ship was sent there what does this mean ?those countries those send ships, their citizens were on that aircraft the aircraft crashed water so the Americans aim was to retrieve the black box.

for assessment look at this website

polluting Ethiopian farms with Genetically modified organisms

the Israeli are the main those who cooperate on farming with Ethiopia in their cooperation they were spitting their hidden venom by mixing and making to reproduce GMOs/genetically modified organisms to degrade the quality of plant and animal farms in Ethiopia and even they hand over harmful fertilizers for the farmers which damages the soil,which this was done intentionally.

there’s no black Jew and i am not Jew.

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