Msoni Urges Obama to Encourage Sata to Step Down

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 3rd, 2014

Peres, ObamaThe All People’s Congress leader Nason Msoni wants US president Barack Obama to intervene in Zambia’s push for a new constitution as well as encourage President Michael Sata to step down.

Vice-President Guy Scott is expected in Washington on Sunday to attend a US-African summit as President Sata’s representative where 50 Heads of State are expected to attend.

Below is Msoni’s statement

The Invitation of Zambia to attend the U.S-Africa leadership summit in the United States of American should be wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced by the Zambian public as it presents a rare platform and opportunity to engage and interact with U.S President Barack Obama and his cabinet colleagues on a number of challenges that have beset Zambia on the sidelines of the summit.

We think it is prudent to appeal to President Obama to seize the moment and opportunity on the sidelines of the summit to talk and encourage the Zambian delegation to candidly discuss the extent of the infirmity in the Zambian Presidency that has undoubtedly crippled and overwhelmed the operation and running of government.

The Party in government now relies on the propagation and usage of still images of the ailing and incapacitated Zambian President to maintain itself in government through lies and deception.

We are clear and resolute on our demand that the incapacitated head of state must be encouraged to step-aside to allow for an orderly power transfer and the ultimate holding of a credible election to usher in a new President.

We also think that it is the right and appropriate forum to ask and compel the Zambian government to respect the wishes and aspiration of the Zambian people on the stalled constitutional making process. We appeal and urge the U.S government to compel the Zambian government to immediately release the draft constitution at the earliest opportunity.

Nason Msoni
All peoples congress (APC)

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