Muhabi Mends Rift with Kaingu

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Jul 19th, 2014

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Muhabi Lungu has expressed happiness at the comments attributed to Dr. Michael Kaingu, former Vice President of the Party and MP for Mwandi, as reported in the media and said this is a very welcome development which will go a long way in the on-going rebuilding strategies of the party’s image and structures countrywide.

Mr. Lungu has said that the party has gone through some very difficult and stressful times which put a lot of strain on the party and put a severe test on the capacity of the party to uphold its mature democratic principles. He expressed joy that the party has successfully weathered the vicious storm, which was also a severe test on the capability of the leadership of Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba as its President.

Mr. Lungu has said MMD is the mother and torch bearer of democracy which it introduced with Multi-Party Politics in Zambia in 1991 and therefore shoulders immense responsibility in practically demonstrating that when faced with challenging situations, it will show the country and other political parties how to manage internal affairs in a transparent and democratic manner.

He said Honourable Kaingu is a valued and dearly loved member of the MMD and many of our members countrywide who expressed anxiety at the recent disturbing events in the party will be extremely relieved and happy at this development. MMD is a mature party where members can differ but still remain intact and has now demonstrated that it is ready to take on the heavy responsibility of managing the affairs of the country and taking it back to the path of progress and prosperity disrupted 3 years ago.

The National Secretary said this occasion is befitting to send a message of goodwill to all those MMD members who may have wondered off, who had lost hope, but who share the party’s vision of democracy, freedom of expression, freedom to differ but reconcile, to bury their differences and come back home and participate in the task of rebuilding our beloved MMD and prepare to take back the reigns of government in 2016.

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