Mulusa Drops “Political Battles” to Focus on Retaining Solwezi

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Jul 24th, 2014

mulusaFormer Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa has dropped all the activities of his life to ensure that he bounces back to parliament.

Mulusa said he will go easy on all the injustices he has been pushing for until he gets back to parliament.

The former legislator lost his seat after it was petitioned but has won the right to re-contest it following the Supreme Court ruling that gave a green light to candidates whose seats were nullified to re-contest.

Mulusa has sounded a voice of reason posture during his time in the cold but now says all that will be on hold until he gets back to parliament.

He said his focus now was to sustain his political life by going back to parliament.

“At the moment I must concentrate on winning my seat. The fight or the national interest must first rest,” he said.

“I must get back to the position where I can fight. There are a lot of activities that I am engaged in that one is just one of them, what I am saying is all the activities are now on hold I am trying to get back to parliament.”

He added: “You can’t start battles uku ulwisha, uku ulwisha (you are fighting here and there), where you are paying lawyers money, doing investigations all sorts of things where will I get the time and the resources?”

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