Two police officers Atlholang Mojanki and Tshepho Nlewa have been granted bail today.

The two are linked to Bokani Socks’ death.

Socks went missing on the 3rd of January this year and her body remaining was discovered three weeks later.

The 28 year old Nyangabgwe nurse was buried yesterday at her home village Tutume.

Relatives in court

Relatives in court

Hundreds of people gathered at Francistown Magistrate court this morning waiting to hear the ruling concerning the accused bail. The security was tight to control the crowd some were even locked outside but they just stood by the burning sun.

‘ke eo. O mo teng’ meaning there is the car, he is inside. Says one of the deceased relative as she thought the accused are in Prisons car. It was later learnt that case was changed to Masunga for security reasons and Socks relatives were not informed.

The two were granted bail on condition that they pay 20 000.

The deceased relatives were furious and vowed not to leave court before they are given valid reasons why the venue was changed and they were not informed.

“This people take us for granted. No one had courtesy to inform us about the changes. They are disrespectful.

Police officers attending the case came to my home at Tutume and gave us today’s date so that we can come to hear the judgement.

Surprisingly they leaved us behind. I do not have problem with him granted bail it is his right.


Bokani Socks

My main worry is none of us was there to hear the Magistrate reason for giving him bail. This is painful.” Said Chebukani Lisenda

The deceased’s brother went on to say should he have not gone to the Divisional Commander to question why the case was delayed, they could have spent the whole day at court.

He said at least three people could have gone to represent their family. He said this has added salt to wound.