Xining-Great-MosqueThe Abuja Muslim Forum (AMF) yesterday said the Islamic religion abhors killing and unjustified bombings and violence against innocent people and took exception to those branding Muslims as terrorists.

The AMF made the statement when a delegation of the group paid a courtesy call on the corporate headquarters of LEADERSHIP in Abuja yesterday.

The President of the group, Mr Luqman Ameer who led the delegation said Islamic religion stands for peaceful coexistence among all people despite their religious differences, and that those who stigmatise Muslims as terrorists are not being fair to the Muslims and are ignorant of the basic teachings of Islam.

“The government and members of the public should not associate bombings, killings and all acts of unjustified violence with Islam because they are not compatible,” he said.

Ameer condemned all forms of bombings in the country and called governments at all levels to transparently tackle insecurity with sincerity of purpose.

Source: Leadership Nigeria