My Husband Can’t Stop My Music Career

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Jul 25th, 2014

•Yemisi Afolabi

Yemisi Afolabi is a poet and gospel music artiste spoke with DANIELS EKUGO on her new album E O La La Fiwe

Your kind of music is different from what we usually hear, why?

My kind of gospel music is called the Ewi. It is an inspiration from God. It is basically chanting. I am from Ogbomoso. The way we sing is different from the way other Yoruba people sing. But I sing in other languages, including Igbo and English. My ambition is to preach the gospel through music. I want to impact on lives. The only way I can do that is through the gospel music. Whatever you want to do for God, you will not look at the profit side. What should be important is touching lives.

Did you go through any musical training?

No. God manifested Himself in me. I realised that I have the talent and I worked so hard and improved on it.

•Yemisi Afolabi

•Yemisi Afolabi

How many albums do you have?

I have produced two albums. The first one Awari Ogo was released in 2012 and my latest album E o la la Fiwe will be released next month.

How are they doing commercially?                                                           

Well, to the glory of God, His grace has always been speaking for me in the market, I don’t have any promoter but God is promoting me and to my credit I have two albums to the glory of God.

What is your view on today’s Gospel music?

Gospel music is way better now. Now you hear people say they have launched an album. Then we say we waxed a record. Back then gospel musicians were relegated to church and believers but now if the music is fine everybody would listen. These musicians even go for shows and they are paid big money. Things have really changed but we need a change. Music is more than just dancing but with reasonable messages.

For me, I sing to glorify God because He is the one that gave me the talent and the voice. I will continue to sing for Him.

What if you are contacted to sing for secular organisations?

Of course I will. I don’t discriminate. I will use the platform of performing for them to evangelise and win souls for God. Our God is a very patient and faithful God. And because I do only Gospel music, which is a talent from God, then the platform is good for me for evangelism.

Why do you centre your music on this Ewi chanting?

I want God to feel my praise and the only way I could do that is to praise God at length through my ewi which is a special kind of praising God.

What is your ultimate plan for music?                                                                                     

My plan for music is to ever be who I am. To be original and to be a source other people will tap from. Music is all my life and I want to end my life being a musician, because my passion for music is high and tremendous.

How has it been combining music with family?

It’s not so easy combining music with family. Music is a time taker, you have to be devoted and really put in an extra time and effort to get up, and once you are famous, it’s requires more time than ever, so as it is, but still  I have time to spend with my family, it will surprise you that by 8pm, am already in bed.

How will you feel if your husband tells you to quit music?

My husband is a loving and caring man, who has supported me all these years. He can’t stop me from praising God as I know that he is very supportive and wants me to praise God all through.

Aside music, what else do you do?

I am a very busy person. Apart from my music schedule, I run a hotel. It is called Ken Dallas Hotel.

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