My illness was a blessing in disguise – Pa Kasunmu

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Jun 7th, 2014

pa kasunmu
Months ago, veteran actor, Kayode Odumosu, aka Pa Kasunmu, battled with heart, liver and kidney diseases.
After crying out to Nigerians for financial help, he was able to raise the millions needed for the surgical operation which he has since performed.

Recounting his experience with the Punch newspaper, the Actor disclosed that he was much better now.

“I cannot really say what the nature of the ailment was, but the day I got to know was when I went to my family doctor’s hospital at Jibowu, Lagos. They tested me and said I needed to go to another laboratory for a more comprehensive test. When I went to the laboratory, they checked my heart and carried out some other tests on me and later referred me to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba. It was there that I knew that I needed to be thoroughly checked medically. That was how it started in 2009. It was there that I realised that I had problems with my heart and liver and it was getting to the kidney before it was stopped at LUTH.”

When asked to talk about the lessons learnt from the experience, he said, “I believe that everything is from God because before this ailment started, I was building a house in Ogijo, Ogun State and my friends advised me to look for money for the roofing of the house. They told me that I should make sure I get about N3m for the roofing and I was surprised that it was that expensive. I asked them if the money was only for the roofing and they laughed and said yes. We were all discussing and playing but I took it seriously and was saving the money. I was able to raise N4m before the ailment started. I did not know that the money I was gathering was for my health and not for the house. I had to spend the money on my medication and that is why I said everything was from God. It is a miraculous thing. When I had N600,000 left of the N4m, I sold my property. I sold two plots of land at Ibefun in Ogun state. Later on, I had to sell my BMW car as well and because my son was also contributing money too, I had money for my medication. Later, my sister working at LUTH told me that I could not continue like that; she said I needed the support of the public. I declined and told her that I would find my way around it financially. She did not listen to me and went ahead to inform the public about my illness but I thank her and God. I did not know people love me this much and they give me money which helped in my treatment.

He also confirmed that the Lagos and Ogun state government assisted him financially. “Yes, it is true. It is not that I went to the Lagos State government for help but I think government officials saw the news on television and in the newspapers and they reached out to me. They invited me to First Cardiology at Ikoyi, I was checked and from there, I was referred to about two other hospitals on the Island. Lagos State paid all the expenses I incurred at each of the three hospitals I visited and it later gave me N1.5m and that was all. Then the Ogun State government came in when my son and my sister went to meet the officials. My family went to the governor’s office and explained everything to the officials there and they promised to get back to me the fourth day. To my surprise, the officials came and gave me a cheque of N2m. It was the grace of God. I was living at Mushin then but I could not keep staying there because I could not continue to pay my rent. I had to move to my sister’s house for proper care.”

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