Nevers Threatens to Sue The Post

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Mar 18th, 2014

MUMBAOpposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy has added to the pile of legal cases against The Post Newspapers by announcing that he will sue the formerly independent publication for allegedly publishing false news about him.

The PF aligned Post Newspaper today led with a screamer that MMD members were threatening to withdraw funding to the party as Mumba was using the money to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Mumba said he found the article distasteful and false and indicated that he had instructed his lawyers to sue The Post.

The former pastor stingingly said he had never got money from the MPs to sustain a living and challenged anybody with information to that effect to come forth and prove their allegations in court.

Below is the full article…..

SOME MMD members of parliament have accused party leader Nevers Mumba of leading a lavish lifestyle and resolved to withhold their respective K2,500 monthly contributions for as long as he remains president.

Meanwhile, the MMD national executive committee will in the next 21 days convene to elect a new national secretary after a similar meeting held in Lusaka on Saturday voted to have the incumbent acting holder of the position, Kapembwa Simbao, removed.

But Mumba described what was happening in MMD as a fight of politics.

According to senior party sources, the members of parliament who have their K2,500 directly deducted from their salaries by the National Assembly to fund party activities were concerned with Mumba’s lifestyle, which they described as that of a very rich man.

“We had a meeting and we resolved that we stop funding Mumba’s activities. The man lives big, like he is a rich man when he is just a beggar. He can’t even fundraise for the party,” one NEC member said.

Last year, Mafinga MMD member of parliament Catherine Namugala accused Mumba of asking MMD members of parliament to contribute more money, which she claimed was meant to finance his flamboyant lifestyle.

Mumba, however, dismissed the claim.

Mumba had proposed a K62,600 monthly expenditure budget for his personal emolument and operations of the MMD president’s office, records revealed.

But according to a letter dated August 7, 2012 and copied to then MMD chairman Michael Mabenga, Mumba had submitted to the NEC seeking K25,000 as monthly personal allowances and entertainment, 500 litres of fuel at K4,100 while K12,000 was to be paid to him as accommodation

According to the letter, Mumba proposed that two of his bodyguards be paid K10,000 in total, K7,000 for office operations and a driver was to be paid K2,500 per month.
His maid and gardener, according to his proposal, would get a monthly payment of K1,200 and K800 respectively.

And in a letter dated October 17, 2012, Mumba submitted to the secretariat an additional budget of K5,000 to be paid to Arm Secure to enhance security at his new residence in Kabulonga area.

When reminded that Mumba recently asserted that his members of parliament were ready to forgo their allowances from Parliament over the draft constitution, another source who is an MMD member of parliament, said the statement was shocking because Mumba was living off the same contributions.

“If he can afford to go for a holiday in the US with his entire
family, surely he should be able to assist the party with funding rather than leaving it to poorly paid members of parliament to share their meagre earnings with a party headed by a dysfunctional leader.

Mumba’s life of being a beggar is also becoming a source of
embarrassment to many in the MMD and compromises his ability to make independent decisions,” another source said.

“There is a leadership problem in the MMD and as long as Mumba remains at the helm, this challenge will continue to beset the party.”

And a rift has erupted between Mumba and some senior party leaders over the resolution arrived at during the Saturday NEC meeting held at Lusaka’s Kapingila House that Simbao should vacate the portfolio of party acting national secretary.

“The NEC meeting created two divisions within the NEC and Mumba’s group came prepared to replace Kapembwa Simbao with Muhabi Lungu as national secretary. But the other group, which is concerned about the dwindling fortunes of the MMD, opposed this move. Those that objected
include Rosaria Fundanga, Dora Siliya, Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane and Lucky Mulusa among others. Mumba has to go as soon as possible if the party has to retain members and attract new ones,” sources said.

The meeting, which was held to either endorse or overturn Simbao’s appointment as party acting national secretary, was co-chaired by Mumba and national chairperson Kabinga Pande.

While MMD vice-president for administration Dr Brian Chituwo also attended the meeting, his counterpart in charge of politics, Michael Kaingu, was not in attendance.

Other senior party sources said Simbao did not hand over any resignation letter to Mumba but that he hinted at
stepping down following numerous attempts to hound him out of the position.

“He wanted to resign as a face-saver because he knew that they wanted to hound him out but we told him not to leave the MMD because it was not Nevers’ party and that is why he rescinded his decision,” the source said. “This man (Mumba) is so difficult for a person who goes to church. He wants to replace the old MMD leaders with people that do not even understand the manifesto, the constitution of the MMD.”

The sources said some party leaders felt troubled by Mumba’s leadership style, which they described as dictatorial.

“We had to vote so as to come up with the new national secretary between Lungu and Simbao. At first, when we voted, those for Simbao got 18 while those against were 19 and yet we were 36 in total, so we had to vote again. In the second round, Simbao got 15 while Lungu got
21 votes, signaling that Simbao had fallen off,” the sources said.

The sources further said Siliya openly objected to Lungu being the national secretary, saying Mumba had failed to lead the party credibly.

“Because of the confusion, we resolved that Nyangu should act as national secretary and a notice of 21 days be given to all members to allow for their full participation in the process of electing a new national secretary,” the sources said.

“We felt that if anyone has to go, then the entire NEC, starting with the president, must step down. The NEC members vowed that this time around, Mumba is going and if he is not careful, then the same style that was used on Major Richard Kachingwe will be used on him.”

Simbao, when contacted for a comment over the issue, refused to say anything.

“I am not discussing anything. I am sorry, I am not discussing anything. Respect my opinion. Let me not say anything,” said Simbao.

But Mumba yesterday described the issue as a fight of politics and that he was ready for it because there were procedures to be followed in the party.

“There are people who would like to speak out on one or two things but we don’t make a consensus statement on one or two people. So we remain committed to running the party the way we have been running it in terms of administration and that is not really our position to be responding to one individual who probably wants one person to be national secretary and when that doesn’t succeed; then they are going to throw it on either the president or somebody else,” said Mumba.

“But this is a fight of politics and we all have to be ready.”

Following the MMD’s loss in Katuba recently, Mumba said party members should not be shocked at the changes he was going to effect at the secretariat level as a way of reorganising the party.

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