New Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel Experience Their First Ever Snowfall

By IndepthAfrica
In Djibouti
Jan 9th, 2013

137_103_First_Snow_By: Benjamin Rutland
Hundreds of Ethiopian Olim (Immigrants), who are living in The Jewish Agency for Israel absorption centers in Safed, experienced snow for the first time ever on January 9th. The children pictured headed outside to play in the snow and feel the natural marvel with their own hands at the start of the snow storm, which has blanketed the city.

Three Jewish Agency absorption centers are located in Safed which house 2,000 immigrants from Ethiopia, who The Jewish Agency brought to Israel in recent months. The olim arrived as a part of Operation Dove’s Wings, which will bring the Ethiopian Aliyah to a close.

The immigrants in Safed, who come from southern Ethiopia, had never seen snow before. Since the early morning hours, the olim worked with The Jewish Agency’s professional staff to prepare for the cold: school was cancelled, Jewish Agency educators are running enrichment programming for the children, a ‘movie club’ was opened for teenagers and in the apartments of the olim heaters were turned on and hot, steaming soup prepared.

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