New rebel group to target East Darfur State govt.

A dissident group of paramilitary Border Guards and army soldiers on Monday announced that they will target the East Darfur State government.

The group named itself the Marginalised Combat Movement, the independent electronic newspaper El Tareeg reported on Tuesday.

The newspaper quoted El Dud El Haj, the spokesman for the group, as saying that the new movement is composed of elements of the Border Guards, in addition to ex-combatants of various military units. El Haj explained to the newspaper that the movement was launched after the group adopted “the fair demands of the Darfuri rebel movements”.

The spokesman said that the dissidents are already in control of areas at the western Sudanese-South Sudanese border, as well as parts of East Darfur in Sudan, and Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan.

File photo: Paramilitary troops in Darfur, 2008 (Andrew Carter, Meet the Janjaweed)