NGOCC: “Forget, PF Will Never Deliver Constitution”

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 25th, 2014

GRILLO AT GRAND COALITION PRESS BRIEFING 23 04 2014The Non Governmental Coordinating Council says it is very sure that the Patriotic Front government will not deliver a people driven constitution by 2016.

NGOCC board chairperson Beatrice Grillo says the PF had shown that they were not willing to give the Zambian people a new constitution as they had arbitrarily held on to the draft constitution.

Grillo said it will take the collective strength of the Zambian people to make the PF have a change of heart.

She said while they had not yet won the battle for a new constitution their strategies for pushing the PF to release the draft constitution were working.

“The PF are not ready to give Zambians a people driven constitution and they do not seem like they will do it before 2016,” she said.

“You see with the way they have delayed even if they try to do it before elections it will be seen as just a political gimmick to deceive the electorates.”

The PF government has been stalling on the constitution despite having listed it among their 90 days priority list.

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