Nigeria: 2 Years Gone: Governor Amosun, Is This The Bargain?

By IndepthAfrica
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May 30th, 2013

by Oyedokun Julius Babatunde

On this day, May 29 2011, Senator Ibikunle Amosun (FCA) became the Governor of Ogun State after a funfair swearing-in which took place at the Moshood Kashimawo Abiola Stadium in Abeokuta; Auto mobiles making noise, Bands playing, Crowd cheering while Governor Amosun, son and wife parades themselves in an “Aso

Etu” (Traditional attire) which he claimed was passed on to him by his Great Grand Parents. Indeed, it was a day to remember, but maybe for good or for bad remains a conclusion that requires deep reflection.

amosunRecall that I had paused my monthly edition (Note) on ‘OGUN STATE GOVERNORS’ after the Part 2, for fear of what to report about the incumbent in the Part 4 of it. Of course, former Governor Daniels whose government would be talked about in the Part 3 had in his 2nd year as governor proved to Ogun People that he is really worth their thumbs. Anybody would have thought that SIA’s administration, having promised everything to everybody during campaign and electioneering would do well to keep promises made by always considering people’s view/opinion before embarking on any decision or how on earth will any governor single out needless road construction and make it the THRUST of his government ?

In a state with numerous sectors and a time when the world seek to drastically reduce the rate of unemployment, an Amosun promised to deliver 10,000 jobs in 100 days and until today those job are no where to be found.

Is this the Change we bought ?

The Health Sector especially our hospitals in rural health centres have continued to deteriorate as facilities and staff are not available. We only read about donation/purchase of mighty medical facilities on the pages of news paper and on Facbook but yet the case with these hospitals/health center remains static (A case of dishonesty). A visit to Idiroko General hospital will explain better.

Local government administration under this government have become paralysed. It is so worse that *selected* Chairmen of local government in Ogun can’t boast of any project since they got to office just because the governor won’t release what is due to them as monthly allocation from the Federal Government.

Our once brilliant Standard of Education which produced the likes of Prof. Wole Soyinka and Tai Solarin is no longer what it use to be.
Education remains the largest industry and thus government must ensure that funds, Instructional material and Teaching personnel are made available for the sector but instead, ours in today’s Ogun is a persistent si-phoning of the sector through a white elephant Model School Project.
Do we have to abandon the existing system for a project that we are not even certain of when it will be completed ? Just last saturday, an Ogun school building in Ifo local government that moved readers to tears was published on PUNCH news paper and yet we continue to waste our exiguous resources on Model School Project !

In fairness to Governor Amosun, there is no doubt that motor-able roads that is a catalyst for good economic integration are been constructed but one would ask that where do these roads lead to and at what cost are they been constructed ?

Building 6 lanes where a motor-able 2 lanes will do (I.e Ita-Eko-Sokori) is out-rightly misplaced !

A N260 million A.C pedestrian bridge when there is a Sango-Ijoko raod in Ado-Odo Ota is prodigal for God sake!

Well, as we set out for yet another 12 month of this administration third year, it is my advice that attention be devoted to providing worthwhile and impactful dividends of democracy to Ogun People cos indeed they deserves a better life.

God bless Ogun State!

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