Nigeria: A Bolekaja President And His Unpresidential Antics

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Apr 17th, 2014
Just 24 Hours after the Nyanya Bomb Blast. Contrasting Fortunes. Irony

Just 24 Hours after the Nyanya Bomb Blast. Contrasting Fortunes. Irony

by Soni Akoji

I watched with dismay as President Goodluck Jonathan made a caricature of himself and brought the revered office of the President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, to an all time low yesterday in Kano during a PDP Jamboree he

personally attended 24 hours after the Abuja bomb explosion.

When it was time to deliver his 15 minutes speech, President Jonathan was pathetic. He left no one in doubt that he was a complete waste of space. He did not address cogent national issues and how he has made a difference in addressing the challenges facing the nation.

From the blast, he left no one in doubt that he has a personal score to settle with Governor Musa Kwankwaso. He alleged that since 2011, the Governor has collected over N255 billion from the Federation Account on behalf of local council. He asked the 44 Local Council Chairmen to challenge Kwankwaso to account for all the money he has received on their behalf to date.

Not done yet, he reacted to claim by Governor Kwankwaso who earlier on regretted voting for him in 2011. President Jonathan categorically stated that Kwankwaso did not vote for him in 2011 primary election. Jonathan said that when it became obvious that he was going to win the PDP presidential primary (s)election, Kwankwaso got angry and left the Eagle square midway to the end of the convention.

He accused Kwankwaso of stealing campaign funds and refusing to release money he collected for refreshments for Kano delegates. He further gave credence to popular truce that delegates to the convention were induced with monetary rewards when he accused Governor Kwankwaso of pocketing the money provided for logistic so as to facilitate the movement of Kano delegates to the venue of the convention.

President Jonathan said so many unprintable things about Governor Kwankwaso, who he mentioned 50 times in his 15 minutes speech.

He ended his speech by re-echoing the charge that the PDP will recapture Kano, Sokoto and Zamfara in 2015 general election in addition to retaining the states of Jigawa, Kaduna and Katsina which they presently control.

In the absence of any visible Federal Government project to showcase in Kano, President Goodluck Jonathan used the occasion to commission Ibrahim Shekarau who decamped from the APC to the PDP. Thereafter the Otuokean jetted out to Ibadan on a merry -go-round trip on taxpayers expense to attend an Owambe, commemorating the centenary of the Olubadan of Ibadan.

All these jamboree and Bolekaja junketing took place within 24 hours after the Nyanya bomb blast which killed 85 persons and injured over 200 in Abuja and the abduction of over 100 school girls writing the SSCE in Chibok, Borno state by Boko Haram in a state under emergency rule.

In the last line, President Goodluck Jonathan is proficient in playing the Ostrich game. He permanently has a bag of sand on his head to bury his head whenever he is in a terrain devoid of sand. His leadership style is not only pedestrian but delusional and leaves much to be desired. Psychologist should come up with a school of thought where “Gejaism” the leadership antecedents of Goodluck Jonathan will be studied and psychoanalysed as a model of misgovernance and criminal dereliction by the custodian of state powers. Unlike Nero, he does not only fiddles while Rome burn, he is in a permanent state of inebriation. No wonder he is notorious for policy somersault!

Goodluck Jonathan has reserved his place in the catacomb where relics and antiques of our nation’s post colonial tragedies shall be interred. Future generations surveying the museum of our post colonial atrocities shall marvel and wonder how such a gifted people allowed themselves to be brought to ruination by their worst species of Homo erectus.

In conclusion, I hereby dismiss the transactional government of Goodluck Jonathan as a tragedy of history. Vote him out in 2015, let him go and take his place in our museum of post colonial tragedies, for his place in the catacomb is reserved!

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  • rojany12

    well for people like you , i wonder what you’ll do when Goodluck Jonathan wins a second term in 2015 which he is sure to win. I’m sorry for you because the little pittance you get from your pay masters have totally blinded you from seeing the good things this wonderful man is doing to our beloved country Nigeria

    • Ahmad

      Good man indeed. Wonderful in his house may be but lacks all leadership qualities. And how so inarticulate he is despite the phd. Those with less qualification have shown better capacity than this national disgrace

      • Nedum

        The man is a PhD holder and conducts himself as a gentleman. What do you expect? That he will behave like one of your animal Hausa/Northern brothers who are very knowledgeable in acts of/the mastery of violence?
        As you can see, GEJ is an educated man who takes his time to make decisions, something which you Northern cows will never be able to discern/understand in your lives.

        • Ahmad

          Whats the expression? Dont argue with a fool or people may not really make out the difference. Mr Nedum may you be as articulate and reasonable all through your life as the man you so fervently want to defend for ever and ever ameen.

          • Nedum

            Exactly, good point….Don’t argue with a fool or people won’t be able to really understand who is who. So, end of discussion. Now beat it.

          • Ahmad

            Mooaah! Rather a cow than a goat.

        • Hannatu Adamu

          @Nedum. Rather than insult the commentator and those who agree with him, why don’t you give us a good reason–anything–why the president should conduct himself that way, so soon after multiple national tragedies

          • Nedum

            You wanna know why? It’s all psychology. Some people blow other people up “on purpose” and had sworn to ferment trouble and fuel it which is what they are doing just to make the world feel that there is fire on the mountain in Nigeria….

            Remember that these are not natural disasters…these are man made disasters done by people who want to fool naive people into looking at someone how they want them to see him…and for what?… Just because he is a Southern president, when they want a Northern presidency…Yet when we in the South ask for breakage so that they can go and rule themselves, the North will say these Southern people have come….

            So forgive me if I do not give in to the mindset that these trouble makers want me and you to have…..I am not that gullible to be fooled like that….and that is why I am of the opinion that he should not let these people control him like a puppet….You wont move out of a house you built with your own sweat just because thieves point a knife at you.

            As matter of fact, I think this president is too much of a gentleman and that is why these people can mess up this far…They would never have come close to what they are doing now if Obasanjo were the president knowing he is a military man though retired….
            If I was GEJ, I would play this very game that these troublemakers want to play by removing all the governors of states that have been hit by Boko Haram and install Christian military administrators from the South… just to indirectly say to them….”do your worst” …and when they try to push it….they will get crushed by the army.

            That is why the government of the United states never negotiates with terrorists like the gentleman president GEJ has been trying to do….what they understand is force…and if I was GEJ that is exactly what I would have given to them.

          • Hannatu Adamu

            Apparently, the bombings have not affected you, or you wouldn’t see it that way. Take it from me: if someone you loved had died in those bombings, you’d never look kindly on President Jonathan again, if you found him dancing as he did in Kano, the very next day!

  • Nedum

    This is garbage-dump journalism at it’s best, suspectedly funded by -APC the opposition party.

    While I don’t think GEJ is the best that Nigeriashould be able to boast of as president but he certainly is better than any of the psychopaths on the APC’s bloc for president.

    The APC has shown itself to be a secret supporter of Boko Haram, not just because many of their patrons are suspected Boko Haram secret financiers, or that their fellow merger colleagues from the South West(AC) share the same Muslim/Islam religion as the very same Northerners who have continued to fan the embers of hatred because the man GEJ refused to an agreement of handing over power to a Northerner at this point in time after the death of our useless ex president Umaru Yar Adua….but because they have continued to use Boko Haram which they are secretly, mentally and ideologically sympathetic with as a yard stick to measure the success of this president’s performance.

    GEJ should continue his planned schedule and never allow himself be tied to strings like a puppet which is exactly what and where the APC opposition want him so that they can control him.
    Boko Haram is not a yard stick for measuring the success of this administration. It is a tool which the merger of the president’s personal opponents and the opposition party hope to use in poisoning the minds of naive Nigerians.

    This president is too much of a gentleman. These opponents and opposition would never have tried something like this with OBJ…Animals.

    • Ahmad

      You are just as in articulate ads your brother. Venom and no reason is what you manage to sound like

      • Nedum

        While you are as articulate as a 2 yr old trying to convince his 65 yr old grandfather that the sun rises in the West and sets in the East.
        Abeg fade to the left joor.

  • Ben

    GEJ is a disgrace to Nigeria, We must call a spade a spade.. if he says APC members are responsible he should bring out facts and evidence and nail them in court.. he is the president of the country and has the soul powers to deal with persons responsible of this devilish act…

    American president will not show any mercy for persons responsible in terror act.. best it Republican or Democrat the well being of American citizen is the out-most priority..

    Lets be fair with our judgement…

    • Iyke Swift

      You are right my Brother, i think something should be done insteade of playing with the life of people, this is getting toomuch, I agree with u that he is the president of the country and has the soul powers to deal with persons responsible of this devilish act…i wonder what he is doing, he is more interested in to the second time than dealing with those animal,

  • mike kunzler

    Nigeria is in crisis..the success that has happened there will be small rewards if the safety of their citizens are not protected in the north.

  • Nse Essien

    You write up is in bad taste. It is very obvious from your choice of words. The President deserve respect. It is clear which part of the political divide you belong.

  • benito

    This POS i.e Piece Of Shit is the worst clueless president Nigeria has ever had. Incompetent, Indecisive, clueless, weak. He needs too be flushed down the toilet. On the other hand Nigerians deserve the leaders they get. Nigerians in their sycophancy call his praise. Instead of taking their destiny into their hands, they keep praying to God to come down from heaven to help them. Heaven helps those who help themselves

    • Ahmad

      well said benito

  • orim

    Jonathan can not be everywhere in Nigeria. besides he has his other businesses to attend to, let Nigeria cont to remain stupid in the eyes of the world. keep killing each other and expect Jonathan to give a memorial speech. so what if he had given a remorseful speech about what happened. does that change anything? pls leave Jonathan alone, he is not Nigerians problem but Nigerians are their own problems. when is down on them to stop their evil behaviors and intends, u don’t need Jonathan to say enough is enough. so pathetic a country Nigeria

  • YemiO

    You have an agenda that is not in the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians. Everything you wrote about happened at a PDP event. GEJ was not a president there, he was a politician settling political scores.

  • Aleke Akunma

    No matter the rubbish news APC might sponsor online or worldwide…They are not going to see that seat of Presidency…Never….I want to let the world to know that APC and her member are the BOKO HARAMS, BUHARI & ATIKU are the chairmen of BOKO HARAM, they used their mouth they have used to eat Nigeria MONEY FREELY to declare that they will trouble Jonathan and Nigeria government will be on fire…this is just because the NORTHERNS believe it is their right to rule Nigeria but I tell you the world…and whoever is reading this comment that the NORTHERNS have missed it already…Can you imagine that APC is a version of MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD PARTY OF EGYPT…All the people that made up the executives of APC are all muslims…no christian no other believe…ALL MUSLIMS APC….then tell me..How can Nigerians give power to a party that is made up of MUSLIMS LEADERS only….It is time to bring BUHARI & ATIKU to the WORLD CRIME COURT for killing Nigerians since Jonathan mounted the post of presidency….BUHARI & ATIKU have case to answer….

  • James

    Jide who??? An APC lapdog, no doubt. Presidential in your immoral book is to humor serial liars, defamers and hypocrites, not so? When it comes to a choice between Jonathan and the array of delusional losers in that immoral union called the APC, this “bolekaja president” comes out trumps…all the time! I doubt that many are listening to your 2015 charge, paid piper.

  • ray

    You are an irresponsible writer and a little inconsequential fellow that derives pleasure in being insolent. It is either you are paid or you are just a silly little person. As a writer, you shall not be inducted into any hall of fame on the basis of insolent and irresponsible write-ups like this.

  • Josh

    From the title of this write up, it is already clear what part of the divide you belong. It is very important as a writer to be objective in your report. As much as you are eager to report the failings of the President, you should also tell us areas where he has doen well.

    It is also a fact that Nigeria is a country where people will actively try to distabilize a President or anyone in authority in other to gain personal advantage. So the Boko Haram insurgency could well be the hand work of the President’s distractors.

    In America security agents rely on reports and information from citizens to solve acts of terror against the state, which makes one wonder why the Northerners have not come together to help the government to flush out Boko haram. Why do they seem to be able to operate freely among the people?

    Personally, despite whatever failings you may line up against GEJ, I think there are very few people who have ruled Nigeria that can match so of his achievements.

  • Boko Halal

    What’s “Bolekaja” about engaging your political opponents? Barack Obama does that all the time—with the Republicans and just about everyone else who opposes his political views—and nobody believes he is an intemperate or “bolekaja” leader because of that. It’s true, however, that Jonathan did recently sign into law Nigeria’s Same Sex Relationships (Prohibition) Act, an initiative that got the approval of a wide spectrum of Nigerians. Of course Yahoo can’t be pleased with that: it has in recent years turned itself, through the stories and features it publishes, into a leading mouthpiece for the Gay Rights movement in America, along with a wide swath of the liberal-leaning media in America (which is about 92% of the TOTAL media in America!) Perhaps that factoid accounts for this “Bolekaja story” on Jonathan making it into Yahoo? Jonathan is certainly not perfect (who is?); but “bolekaja” he is NOT.

  • Hannatu Adamu

    So well said. I only hope it has come to the president’s notice. perchance, he may change