Nigeria: A Nation full of Bribery and Corruption!

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Nov 13th, 2012

by Alam-hajim Ezeugoh
Go to NNPC, the language there is bribery, and the bribe runs into millions of dollars, Go to the Bank and see how the Banks abate money laundering. Go to customs where a controller planted bottle; Nigeria 2nd most corrupt organ. Go to the police where police officers have remained in Lagos for 5 years crying and complaining for the

quota system in the police department. This an oversight have contributed in reducing police intelligence to a joke!

Go to the Universities and see bribery and prostitution as a language that have lured many into cults and they turned themselves into admission Mafias.

Go to Media houses with praise singers formerly known as brown envelopes.

Go to INEC and see people who read engineering, Lawyer appointed as INEC commissioners.

Go to hospitals, extortion is the language before emergency case shall be given attention.

Go to Immigration, the language is bribery and Corruption.

Go to all the Ministries for a contract, ten percent upfront to be paid before a contract may be given.

Go to the Airport where you are hassled to pay some money before one thing or the other.

Go to any public office, you must do what is being called P.R hahahaha!

Does this make us great? Every year Nigeria records about 5000 graduates with different disciplines. A round peg in a square hole does not work.

There is no employment strategy instead people who served for 35 years would like to alter their CV to reduce their service year so as to remain in the job.

Even when and before he or she goes for retirement, their children are there as replacement.

What is the staff strength of the police, the Immigration, the Custom, The maritime, the Navy, The Army etc. When did you we hear that Custom department is to recruit etc.

Nigeria must take census of all the federal government offices and balance the equation. It is impossible to take census of Criminals in Nigeria, but with the situation of things, one must say the number is above 45 million criminals on the streets. Which means to have adequate policing system Nigeria needs about more police to checkmate criminals.

Inject unemployed youths to other ministries, then reduce working age, pay them their gratuities and thir pension accordingly –  those whose their adage is always that they are retired but not tired.

Even if government lifts embargo on employment to these ministries tomorrow, the language of bribe shall determine who is to be given employment- True.

Chinese taking over importation

chinese nigeriana!A consumer friendly nation is thousand miles away to employment of her citizens hence crime rate is always an incurable headache to the government and unto which there is no calm and peaceful night for the law enforcement agents.

Chinese in Nigeria today are the sole importers of their own goods in Nigeria. Nigerian importers of this and that have taught the Chinese, that there is a lot of profit to made in importation, as far as Nigeria is consumer friendly Nation.

I am of the opinion that, in as much as we have many of the raw materials to produce, many of these Chinese finished products here does not help our economy.

Why don’t we go for technology transfer with the Chinese government?

This is the work of Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry.

Even some of our successful importers are not thinking towards this direction with the much needed financial assistance from industrial Banks.

 This Stealing Is Too Much! 

N2.8 trillion stolen – Ribadu Report

N2.6 trillion stolen – Fuel Subsidy Report

N1.2 trillion stolen annually or the equivalent to the 250,000 barrels of oil stolen daily

N256 billion stolen in the first quarter via separate theft of 24 million barrels of oil as alleged by Dr. Aganga, minister of trade

N100 billion stolen from pension funds

N10 billion estimated loss to Nigeria via the NCC frequency scam

$35.8 million and sundry dubious annual payments to Tompolo and co

And many, many, many more…

Can This House Survive?

I doubt it!!!

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