Nigeria: APC – The Merger Of Rascals And Extremists

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Feb 12th, 2013

by Emmanuel Nicholas
A rascal is an unscrupulous, dishonest person, a scoundrel. He is regarded as a single withered tree if, when set aflame causes a whole forest to burn. So does a rascal son destroy a whole family. Every rascal is a thief, and every thief is a rascal, and Political extremist refers to a person or group that holds a set of beliefs that diverse from

society’s norm to a great degree in the same manner. Extremist is a murderers, looter who come in disguise of being a positive change agent, and some  clone themselves with religious beliefs in order to convert some people to their sect, using evil homily and drugs to galvanise their heart with pseudo doctrines.

They also show disdain for the rights and liberties of others, but resent the limitations of their own activities. Extremists will use drastic measures to gain attention and support their various pursuits including violence. Groups that are commonly labelled as extremist include Neo-Nazis, white supremacists such as Skinheads, Boko Haram and Holocaust Deniers.

Extremists have many ironic qualities such as the need to define themselves by naming their enemies. They favour censorship of their enemies but use intimidation, violence, war, terror and manipulation to spread their own assertions and claims. They often claim that God is on their side of an issue which they wish to promulgate and they often use religion as an excuse for acts of violence. The arrow heads of this merger are men of questionable character. One of the key negotiators of Nigeria’s ongoing political merger arrangement for example,   General Mohammadu Buhari is a known extremist  whose mannerism is full of terroristic tendencies. Buhari, who ruled Nigeria from a coup in December 1983 to his ouster in 1985, told a seminar in Kaduna, northern Nigeria that the strict Islamic law code known as the Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria, a true homily that could only be preached by religious extremist who are connivers in terrorism.

Buhari truncated democracy in 1983, initiated a high handed disciplinarian government , which he was not man enough to sustain because you cannot give what you don’t have inside of you. You can only pretend in projection but within you, that is not what you mean. The idea is only cosmetics. Buhari led a coup that was followed by other coups, causing us to waste 16 years of our lives wandering in wasteland under dictators. Indeed, later, while millions of Nigerians were in pains it was convenient for Buhari to romance with the late maximum ruler, General Sani Abacha as PTF chairman. Perhaps we would have been celebrating 32 years of democracy today if he had allowed the checks and balances in democracy to gradually clean the system. This is why it is even more shameful that 32 years after ruling this country he could still aspire to rule again.

The same Buhari it was, who, years after the exit of late  General  Sani Abacha , came to tell Nigerians that Abacha did not loot the Nigerian treasury, when countries and Banks around the world were coming out freely to return the Abacha’s loot to the country. Does such a person fit enough to talk about integrity? There is more to what he wants from Nigeria than just leading. This is why Christians should heed the all time warning to be alert. People should evaluate what were the achievements of Buhari during his tenure as the military dictator. Buhari himself should tell Nigerians how many megawatts of electricity he added to the National grid during his 2 years dictatorship rule. It is on record that no single megawatt of electricity was added to the national grid from 1979 till 1999. How many kilometres of road did he construct in the south vis-a-vis the north when he was PTF chairman? He moves from one party to another- from ANPP to CPC and to Mega Party APC. The head of government, on whom the primary responsibility lay, was Shehu Shagari. Yet that individual was kept in cosy house detention in Ikoyi while his deputy, Alex Ekwueme, was locked up in Kirikiri prisons. Such was the Buhari notion of equitable apportionment of guilt and /or responsibility

General Buhari during his stay as dictator names his ten agenda, in furtherance of the above.   None of these ten items had anything to do with democratic transition program.   It was in this context that the domestic and international media started to ask him as soon as when it became apparent that Buhari was not interested in democratic transition.  Major Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (rtd) predicts bloodshed in 2015 and labelled the Federal Government led by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as “the biggest Boko Haram” whereas Buhari himself is alleged as one of the key financier of the sect. When he offered himself to negotiate on behalf of government it turned out that it was the Boko Haram sect that appointed him as a negotiator on their behalf in the proposed dialogue with the federal government.

This is a faceless sect, how will he know or see them to negotiate if he did not have any dealing with them, wanting to checkmate terrorists by negotiating on their terms. Peace and terror like light and darkness do not and will never mix. A law maker representing Jos South/Jos East in the House of Representatives, Hon. Bitrus Kaze, has maintained his position that former Head of State, General Mohammadu Buhari is an Islamic extremist and has been alleged responsible for some killings in the Country, just to settle political scores.

Who is talking about looting Nigeria today by PDP? Major General Buhari (rtd) as Federal Commissioner for Petroleum was the arrowhead in the infamous scandal that occurred in that ministry where under his watch billions of Naira (in the 1970s) were reportedly stolen, a matter which led to the setting up of the Justice Ayo Irikefe panel.

General Buhari, answer this simple question as Mallam or Alhaji Perfect, who stole the money in your care? Between PDP led government that has brought communication to the common man in Nigeria , improved electricity generation, revived back the private sector,  repaired and constructed  new roads and raised more solid infrastructures to drive the country economy  and the military rule that he plunged Nigeria to ruins and cause us decades of backwardness? APC to me is a name of a drug which has expired years back, and I cannot see how it would succeed as a political party with wrong pathfinders and benefactors who are rascals and extremists. Meanwhile, rascal plus extremist is equal to terror, and a terrorist is a man who feels needless and unprovoked anger. He is either alienated or self disenfranchised, by his actions or inactions.

He believes that joining a movement offers social and psychological rewards such as adventure, camaraderie and a heightened sense of identity. They believe that their current political involvement does not give them the power to effect real change, identify with perceived victims of the social injustice they are fighting, They feel the need to take action rather than just talking about the problem, They believe that engaging in violence against the state is not immoral and have friends or family sympathetic to the cause and turn around to loot and run the land to ruins. If it is too much to say that General Buhari has a soft spot for Boko Haram, certain incontrovertible facts show that he has consistently instigated violence in Nigeria through his utterances and sponsorship of the sect to foment violence and destabilise the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GFCR  whom he turns around to tag as incompetent leader.

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Nasir el-Rufai, meant well when he wrote in a public letter in October of 2010, telling Nigerians that Buhari remains “perpetually unelectable” and that Buhari’s  “insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well-known”. Who can know Buhari better than his own political associate and kinsman? Finally, to make it known to Buhari that given his position to “dogs and baboons”,  that President Goodluck Jonathan was elected by human beings to preside over human beings not “dogs and baboons” and is only a terrorist who can say this. His marriage with Senator Bola Tinubu is a union of a terrorist and a renowned rascal, who is allegedly known for forgery, thugery and looting right before the eyes of the masses.

The eight years of his reign in Lagos saw to the evolution of miscreants taking over Lagos, where robbery, shop lifting, cultism, raping and assassination were reportedly the order of the day.  Sir Williams was brutally murdered by unknown killers, and a lot of reports pointed accusing finger at the man who was the governor of Lagos. Sadly, till today the killers are nowhere to found. The one question many people have continued to ask Bola Tinubu as the Chief security officer of Lagos State then has been, ‘who killed Sir Williams? Bola Tinubu has risen from just being a comfortable former Accountant of Mobil to being a super-rich man, whose wealth trajectory is invisible.

Bola Tinubu is a man that before 1999 had no known companies but after 8 years in Government House Alausa, has developed interests in areas like Lekki Concession Company. LCC-the company that has been imposed on us that live in the Lekki-Epe area to be collecting tolls of N120-N200 per vehicle for the next 30 years. Is that not insane? The is the Nation Newspaper, TV Continental, First Nation Airline, Alpha Beta Company collecting tax on behalf of Lagos State, with a monthly payment of between N2-4billion,Royal Garden Estate, Ajah  Oriental Hotel and many others. This same Bola Tinubu has allegedly used his influence as former Governor of Lagos State, and current Sole Administrator of the South-West to usurp the lands of so many communities. To mention a few are the thousands of hectares of land Tinubu has ‘stolen’ in the Lekki-Ajah-Awoyaya-Epe zone, the fraudulent ‘Eko Akete’. His instigation and backing of the lunatic Olumegbun in Ajah to forcefully take people’s land

He is presently parading himself as the leader of the present day progressives-quite laughable and incredulous. I am really surprised that many do not see beyond the hypocritical facade and sordid political mien he exhibits. ACN is worse than PDP in terms of democratic credentials. The National Chairman, Bisi Akande once shamelessly stated that imposition and not internal democracy is the way ACN is run, and that those who don’t like it should leave. It was the height of shame from an elderly man. This is a symbol of a good democrat. Bola Tinubu. Please, welcome to the stage, the emerging dictator and Emperor. The former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu has claimed that he supported Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko with millions of pounds in cash during the legal battle to reclaim his mandate after the 2007 election in the state.

Tinubu made the allegation during the Redemption Rally organised by the Action Congress of Nigeria in Akure to mobilise support for the party’s candidate in  governorship election. The ACN leader said Mimiko was economical with the truth when he claimed that he did not receive money from him while the battle lasted,Tinubu, who quoted copiously from the Holy Bible while addressing the people, insisted that he gave money and vehicles to Mimiko as part of his contribution,He said, “Mimiko claimed that I did not spend money when he had problems with his mandate, this is not true. It is a lie. He came to me and begged me to support him, rolling on the ground. “He (Mimiko) claimed that Wole Olanipekun was there when we were planning the strategy, this is not correct. Rotimi Akeredolu was among the lawyers we organised for him.

“He collected money from me. I spent millions of pounds sterling but he betrayed me. It was Yemi Osinbajo who travelled to Israel and other countries to arrange the experts that helped him prosecute the case. People warned me not to help him because of his antecedents of being a serial traitor. He betrayed Adebayo Adefarati, Olusegun Agagu, and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo among others, but I still helped him. Mimiko has called me a godfather, yes, I am a positive godfather and even, god-fatherism is biblical and that is why Christians refer to God as their father.

Should a sane leader say this in public? It is only a rascal who has neither integrity nor self-dignity. What is the difference between Tinubu’s traditional ‘agbero’ and fashola’s conventional lastma …? The difference is only in the education of the proprietors but they share one similarity which is fraud and intimidation of the general society, the same kind of thugish mentality. Tinubu’s residence at 26 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi was initially falsely presented as Oando Plc Guest House. Later, he purportedly bought it from Oando, and used public funds to rebuild and renovate it. The Lagos State Government bought the property and paid an undisclosed sum to him and thereafter gave the property back to him under the bogus Pension Bill he signed to law shortly before he left office in 2007. The property is worth over N600 million.

However, the default party is not ACN led by one of the biggest rascals soiled by drug plea bargain in the United States but hailed and elected Governor in Lagos State of Nigeria. It is beyond imagination how anyone with that reputation can be elected as a dog catcher anywhere else. But then, and again, we are talking about Nigerian politics. So what do you expect, eh? This is the same rascal the people of Lagos allowed to field his wife, Remi Tinubu as Senator for Lagos Central, his daughter Sade Tinubu for Agege Lagos State House of Assembly, his son in-law Oyetude Ojo for House of Representatives and Lola Akande, Remi’s elder sister for House of Assembly. This is what is called family plan. Governor Oyinlola of Osun state has described former Governor Bola Tinubu as a fake politician who abandoned his ancestral home in Osun State because of political gain, adding that most of the top politicians in the AC, when fully investigated, would end up in prison.

Everything about Bola Tinubu is fake; his name is fake,  his place of birth is fake. For the sake of what he stands to gain, he abandoned his parents in Iragbiji. It will be recalled that the late human rights lawyer, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, prosecuted Tinubu over certificate forgery during his first tenure as governor between 1999 and 2003. Leader of  the Action Congress of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu paid $5000 to obtain a generic invitation from the Democratic Party campaign office although he claimed to have been personally invited by President Barack Obama as leader of Nigeria’s opposition. Obama, it has been revealed, did not personally offer the ACN leader what he has called “a gold card invitation” to attend the party’s convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It was initially circulated by authoritative news sources in Nigeria that president Obama had invited Bola Tinubu, so it is really true that everything about him is fake and is only rascal that has no virtues that indulges in this acrimonious level pseudo. All the personalities that are involved in the merging are either extremists or rascals.  Mallam el-Rufai is one of those extremist who, few days ago wanted to cause religious war in Nigeria by blaspheming against Jesus Christ. This is a statement if made by a Christian against Mohammad , the muslm  faithful would have killed, maimed  and protested around the world. So with this crop of persons that involved in a merger arrangement, where will they lead Nigeria to? It could be nothing but absolute terror.

Another religious hawk who is part of them even as he has made his position known that he has no interest in partnering ACN because he believes they constitute a gang of fraud to the nation is Pastor Chris Okotie. This is a pastor who told the world that God told him he will win the election, and  the same man who said Chief Olusegun Obasanjo will die without completing his tenure. Is this the crop of people we should trust and hand over Nigeria to? The supposed Merger is already sick , as APGA has already told who cares to listen that they are not part of the APC, a failed drug name .

So what would Nigerian expect if a terrorist and a rascal come together to be their leader? The country will be in total fiasco, where bomb will be freely used and there will be no freedom of worship. I see it coming. There will be no APC in 2015. A rascal and extremist can never stay under one roof.

Nicholas, a.k.a White Bom Bom writes from Uyo

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