By Fejiro Oliver
The ongoing ASUU strike in Nigeria has consumed her first victim, sending him into political oblivion as the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has impeached its president, Comrade Yinka Gbadebo a.k.a Ayefele. The senate arm of the students union held an emergency meeting on 7th

September, 2013 at the Wellington Hotel conference hall, D.S.C Express Road, Effurun, Delta State at exactly 10.00am to pass a vote no confidence on Ayefele. The meeting which was presided over by the senate president, Comrade Emaluyi Sunday Michael held that the Ayefele regime has done more harm than good as he does not know his duty as the number one student leader who controls over 70 million Nigerian students home and abroad.
They cited his inability to mediate in the ASUU versus Federal Government feud, an action that has kept students at home for 65 days. They stated that Ayefele had rather aligned himself with an undisclosed political party and indulging in a Ghana must go protest. They also listed Ayefele’s crime of paying deaf ears to the various students who have been killed in the Northern part of the country.
Moving a motion for impeachment, Sunday pointed to the NANS constitution section 49 (1) which decrees that:
“The president can be impeached on grounds of incompetence as therefore by his attitude or action which can be classified/regarded as misconduct”.
Consequently, he declared that, “in the interest of Nigerian Students and for the purpose of their adequate welfarism hereby subject to the “consensus addendum” reached in the senate congress meeting by senate leaders… hitherto passed a “vote of no confidence” on the NANS President, Comrade Yinka Gbadebo a.k.a Ayefele on the ground of misconduct, sabotage, abuse of office, selfish alliance and also using NANS presidential office as a window of ventilation for the purpose of personal aggrandizement. The doctrine of necessity therefore applies as the vice president; Comrade Jubril Ahmed takes charge of the presidential office”
The resolution was that the new NANS president will be sworn in on September 11, 2013 at a venue which will be broadcasted on air.
They called on the federal government to mend fence with ASUU so as to stop the Nigerian students who are threatening to go on sociological Jihad very soon