Nigeria: Atiku Abubakar ‘s Speech That Officially Ended PDP

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Sep 2nd, 2013

By Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

Today is a very historic day in the life of our party. It is also a day of mixed feelings. It could also be a day of happiness. It could also be a sad day. Sad because the party we conceived in 1998 to be a rallying point for all Nigerians, to be a source of unity, to be a party that will fulfil the aspirations of Nigerians, has today been dragged

down by people who don’t even understand what party politics is all about.

I have always been trying to draw the attention of leaders of our party and the leaders of government that this democratic dispensation is supposed to make things better for the people of this country.

Let us not deceive ourselves: the country is full of frustration, the country is full of anger, and full of disappointment.

Therefore we have a responsibility to see how we can reform our great party so that those lofty ideals and lofty goals can be achieved.

They cannot be achieved by the present leadership of the party.

I have said it before, and I am saying it again: we are going in the wrong direction.

I will therefore want to appeal to the rest of our party members who are still sitting on the fence to join this new PDP.

I want to assure you we will restore the values of the founding fathers of this party.

Let me thank all of you for the courage and support to stand up.

By the grace of God, with your support, with your loyalty, change will be achieved.

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