Nigeria: Boko Haram killed 590 in 2011, says U.S.

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Aug 1st, 2012

The Boko Haram insurgent group killed 590 people last year, the United States Department of State Country Reports on Terrorism 2011 has said.
It carried out 136 attacks.
The report released in Washington on Tuesday said the group was more vicious last year than 2010.
At a briefing to release the report, Coordinator, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism Daniel Benjamin said Africa experienced 978 terrorist attacks with Nigeria alone accounting for about 20 per cent.
Benjamin said there was 11.5 per cent increase in terrorism attacks on the continent when compared with 2010.
He said: “Africa experienced 978 attacks in 2011, an 11.5 percent increase over the previous year. And this is attributable in large part to the more aggressive attack tempo of the Nigerian-based terrorist group Boko Haram, which conducted 136 attacks in 2011, up from 31 the previous year.”
The report noted that:
• Muslim majority countries bore the greatest number of attacks involving 10 or more deaths, with Afghanistan sustaining the highest number (47), followed by Iraq (44), Pakistan (37), Somalia (28), and Nigeria (12).
• Afghans also suffered the largest number of fatalities overall with 3,245 deaths, followed by Iraqis (2,958), Pakistanis (2,038), Somalis (1,013), and Nigerians (590).
• Over 10,000 terrorist attacks occurred in 2011, affecting nearly 45,000 victims in 70 countries and resulting in over 12,500 deaths. The total number of worldwide attacks in 2011, however, dropped by almost 12 percent from 2010 and nearly 29 percent from 2007. Although the 2011 numbers represent five-year lows, they also underscore the human toll and geographic reach of terrorism.
• The Near East and South Asia continued to experience the most attacks, incurring just over 75 per cent of the 2011 total. In addition, Africa and the Western Hemisphere experienced five-year highs in the number of attacks, exhibiting the constant evolution of the terrorist threat.

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