Nigeria: Boko Haram – Salute to Kano Igbos!

by Kabiru Tsakuwa

That Igbos form part and parcel of Kano community is never in doubt. And that their unquantifiable contributions in various spheres of the economy of Kano which made it what it is today, simply restates the obvious. In fact only God knows what Kano in particular and Northern Nigeria in general could have been by now, had the

adventurous Igbos remain lock up  in their ancestral abode!

This write-up stems out of the strong desire to acknowledge the hard sacrifices and positive roles being played by the kano-Igbo vis-e-vis the unfortunate insecurity of life and properties which ravages part of the north, and their resolve to live and contribute further, to the economic development of the region against all odds and despite relentless calls and negative propaganda to do the contrary!

Definitely, it takes strong-will, courage and determination and ability to survive very harsh and hostile environment to be able to stay in Kano despite many reasons that are so glaring and unpalatable; especially the period which immediately follows the unfortunate Massive Kano Boko-Haram Attack, way back in February 2012.

It is no gainsaying that, the Kano- Igbo like their Hausa/Fulani host, recorded massive and unprecedented loss both human and material. They suffered psychological trauma and trepidations which cause incalculable damages to their economic and social well-being. Many have lost their life savings and love ones and were left with virtually nothing other than their wretched and traumatized lives. I’m sure at that instance, enlighten option was to leave the commercial city all together by anyone desirous of peace and tranquility. Because the urge for self-preservation was all the more tempting; but alas, they chose to remain. Bravo!

In spite of the relentless media misinformation and the sensational headlines that are nothing but tissues of lies against northern Nigeria, in addition to the cacophony of calls by the likes of ‘Movement for the Emancipations of Biafra’ (MOSSOB), and other like- minded devilish and secessionist tendencies calling for the Igbos to relocate to their ancestral homes; it takes a heart made of stone, imbued with adventurous spirit to disobey that call!

Indeed, given the precarious security situation of Kano at that material time, and the palpable fear and terror which engulf everybody, and the wishes of many that wanted to see Kano gone forever, it remains a miracle why the kano-Igbo chose to stay against all odds! These exceptional and selfless sacrifices are worth acknowledging by all patriotic Nigerians desirous of progress and continue existence of Nigeria as one unified and indissoluble entity!

In addition, despite the ongoing ‘silent killing’ and destruction of Igbo properties in many part of the north under the guise of Boko-haram, which was nothing  other than another subtle way  designed to intimidate them by other means  to leave the north; the Igbos have remain adamant. But these diabolical scheming, and others, like the ongoing media misinformation, and sustain online campaign of hatred by those that have never set their foot on Northern soil too, shall fail insha Allah.

Today, instead of relocating out of the commercial hub, the kano-Igbos are investing and reinvesting massively in many part of Kano. And instead of renting houses at exorbitant prices to live, the business-like people have metamorphosed into outright owners of landed properties.  Now many have become landlord in their own right courtesy of their huge investment in property business as well as many other viable economic ventures.

A visit to Sabon-Gari, no-man’s-land and Fanisau will bear witness to the new rising tide in radical transformation of those areas lately. So therefore, those that wish to see Igbos out of Kano should know that the Igbos of Kano and northern Nigeria having seen the writings of the enemies of Nigeria clearly written on the wall, have collectively resolved to stay put, till ‘kingdom come!’

It is on this note that mention must be made of the visit by the indefatigable Owelle  Rochas Okorocha-the current action governor of Imo State to Kano  some time ago, where he went round the ancient  commercial city and  commiserate with the highly  revered Emir, Alhaji Ado Bayero and assured  his Igbo  kinsmen at home and in the diaspora that what was reported in the Media with regard to the security situation and purported massacre of Kano Igbos and confiscation of their properties was all pigment of the imaginations of the divisive and devilish junk journalists and their faceless sponsors!

I think rare dexterity such as this and never-say-die-spirit of the Kano-Igbos was partly responsible for the conclusion drawn by one of our most respected senior columnist-Dr. Tilde, where he state in one of his write-up that: “Kano has Bounce Back”. And truly, Kano has indeed bounced back partly due to the Igbos who refused to leave the ancient commercial nerve center for other climes to the chagrin of its traducers, and partly due to the contribution of kano stakeholders which comprises of the Emirate council, the Ulamas, the business communities and the indefatigable action governor, Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who seem to be determine  more than ever before, to join the league of Kano state Governors that have left indelible mark and lasting legacies in the history of  positive governance of  the state!

It’s also gratifying that the tension and palpable fear which had hitherto engulfed Kano at the onset of that unfortunate  attack have all  mercifully gone for good; prompting  many of those that have earlier relocated to change their mind and begin to come back  in drove, into the warm embrace of their highly accommodating host community. For these and many other reasons, I salute the Kano-Igbos and wish them many more happy returns


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