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Jan 6th, 2013

Bishop of Bomadi Catholic Diocese, Vicarage Hyacinth Egbebor, in his homily at the burial of Gen. Andrew Azazi blamed the helicopter crash that killed the former National Security Adviser, Andrew Azazi; former Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa, and four others, on corruption. At the state funeral of Azazi in Peace Park, Yenagoa, attended by President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience, Egbebor insisted that leaders in the country

were so corrupt that they had compromised the safety of the airspace.

The cleric wondered why within one year, Nigeria had recorded three air mishaps including the December 15 tragedy at Okoroba in Nembe Local Government Area, Bayelsa State.

Slowly and gently, the priest highlighted the failings of the government, saying the air was no longer safe for people to fly. Comparing the country’s airspace and aviation management to America and Europe, the cleric said Nigeria had become a joke.

“We might not need a plane to fly because we are not certain that our aeroplane is worthy enough. This crash is probably three in less than 12 months. Let us not pretend that we can fly as if we are in Europe. Human lives are so precious; please spare our lives,” he said.

Turning to the Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ola Ibrahim, the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Adm. Dele Ezeoba; the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh; the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika; and other top military officials, the priest said it was unfortunate that corruption had crept into the military.

“Corruption is the only underlying evil that is responsible for the air mishaps. If the military cannot guarantee the safety and security of their own, who else can they protect?

“If there is anywhere one looks for excellent performance, it is the military. Now we have compromised excellence for money. Money has taken over,” he said.

But Jonathan, who was obviously surprised at the tone of the funeral message, disagreed with the cleric on his submissions. He called for a change of attitude by Nigerians instead.

Jonathan Debates the People

“We talk about corruption as if it is the cause of our problems in Nigeria. No – yes, we have corruption in this country; but the government has also been fighting corruption, and we have discovered that most of the issues called corruption are not corruption. I remember the last meeting we had with the Chief Justice of the federation. This was when i tried to bring the heads of the three arms of government together to see how we will collectively suppress corruption. And of course, we analysed the cases in court and discovered that about 80 per cent of them are not corruption cases. Sometimes, the way we mention corruption makes it look like when indigenes of some villages in the Niger Delta blame the death of a person on the activities of witches or spirits. If we do things properly and change our attitude as Nigerians, most of these issues that we blame on corruption will not come.” …….…President Goodluck Jonathan December 29, 2012


“Nigeria is currently buffeted by corruption on a scale witnessed only under the dark and evil military dictatorships of Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha. Today, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) – Abuja -has become the official headquarters of grandmasters of corruption. In an environment where a model of articulate leadership and responsible governance should be expected, given the enormous powers and resources available, what we have instead is an organised and well-commanded conspiracy of the political and economic elite against the Nigerian people – to keep the people in perpetual poverty and misery, through high-level corruption, profligacy and financial impunity. Indeed, as revealed by a recent investigation conducted by a National Newspaper, the sum of N5trillion has disappeared under the Jonathan Goodluck administration in just two years! The 2012 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index placed Nigeria 135 out of 176 countries surveyed in the report. Also a recent Gallup Poll and KPMG Report ranked Nigeria the second most corrupt country in the world, and the most corrupt in Africa respectively. Indeed under the watch of this administration, Nigerians have been scammed the sum of $4billion under the most incredulous subsidy regime, yet to be properly explained, and for which most of the perpetrators are walking free.” – Afenifere Renewal Group, (January 3rd, 2013)


“Why the surprise that Nigeria is up to her neck with fraud and that Nigerian Ph.D. is now fraudulent? Anything conceived by fraud, groomed by fraud or obtained by fraud, can only result in fraud, unlimited. Why the surprise?  High school diplomas are awarded in Nigeria based on sex and bribe. Are these by their nature not fraudulent? Yes, indeed in Nigeria today everything is possible for as long as one gives in and or dishes out. What can one expect and be surprised about in this nation, with regards to fraud?” – January 4, 2013, Otoiheoma Egbe


“President Jonathan says “corruption is not the cause of Nigeria’s problems”. Considering he previously made a statement rating Nigeria’s commitment to fighting corruption as secondary to only that of the United States, one might be excused for wondering if Jonathan is inhaling air and operating from the stratosphere above the public’s atmospheric level. I have always believed a people that tolerate drivel will accept gibberish; with these sort of statements, it becomes apparent why corruption has been initiated, perpetrated and perpetuated for decades in our polity. Unfortunately, we as a people have become accustomed to mediocrity and peddlers of lies. We accommodate in positions of authority the mortgagers of our collective futures, killers of dreams and marauders of aspirations. Those in power know this fact and continue to take us for a ride; else the Nigerian populace should have revolted.” – M.B.O Owolowo, (January 2nd, 2013)


“Corruption and national development are mutually exclusive. If we chose to build just 1 million housing units with N2 trillion and used the remaining N3 trillion for power stations, then the opportunity cost of the N5 trillion stolen under President Goodluck Jonathan would have given Nigerians 1million units of 2-bedroom flats and say, about 15000megawatts of electricity. The opportunity cost of paying N6.5billion – unaccounted for – to state governors as security votes is the loss of well-funded and reformed police to properly protect lives and property. The opportunity cost of letting Senate President David Mark pay himself N600million per annum – an amount that will pay for ten years the United States  presidents’ salary – is the millions of jobs for thousands of Nigerian youths. Because money is stolen in Nigeria – legally and illegally – with impunity, we have now lost the opportunity to develop our country or compete with the rest of the world.” – December 31st, 2012, Chinedu Ekeke


“It baffles me how corruption is fast becoming a Nigerian name. The way we are going in Nigeria, i would not be surprised to hear that a parent has had a new baby and named him or her “corruption”, or would i be surprised if somebody establishes a new church in Nigeria and calls it the Corruption Church.  Just see, what we are now celebrating in Nigeria – 4,500 mw of electricity for domestic use; not the industrial electric power that could bring back the likes of Michelin and PZ to Lagos and Port Harcourt. What we are rather celebrating in Nigeria is the electricity power you can only use to iron your clothes or power either your washing machine or cooker, but not the electricity to power a barbing or hair dressing salon – not to talk of the electricity needed for heavy industrial use.” – Ikenna Okonkwo, (January 3, 2012)


Corruption In Nigeria Is Worse Than Boko Haram — Aduwo : “It looks embarrassing, the issue of corruption in this country is even worse than that of Boko Haram. Insurgency is not new across the world but the issue of corruption is endemic and dangerous. That Farouk can get away with that money, how dare he? And when Obasanjo said that they were all criminals they were shouting as we can now point two or three.

IT is so absurd and maddening that Farouk is still moving about on the streets and still comes to the hallowed chambers as a member of the House of Representatives. Don’t forget that the same Farouk lead the dubious group they called “integrity committee” and they told the whole world that Eteh must go because they spent 600million to renovate official house and bought ten cars.

They deceived us but some people know that these guys are a bunch of liars and then one of them, Bankole, became the speaker. After three years, ICPC came to report that Eteh was not found wanting. The same House gave Eteh a clean bill, remember that during the Eteh scandal, a member fell there in the chambers and died.

A year later, Bankole appropriated 600million to acquire a guest house in Lagos. I ask: is it compulsory that a speaker acquires a guest house in Lagos because he is from Ogun State? If he is going to Ogun State, must he have a proper guest house? That is nonsense. The same Bankole lead integrity group by Farouk bought 400 cars which case is still on ground.

In this country, police are asking that someone that is already confirmed that he took the money, how can you now say that you gave the same money to Jagaba, Jagaba is IG of police or the SSS? The truth of the matter is that the money was marked and Farouk has spent that money, so he cannot bring it out.”


“Corruption is at the root of the problems in the country. It has invariably brought about poverty and general underdevelopment in the land. Greed and wickedness rule our hearts because we don’t have the fear of God. Imagine the stories we have been hearing about how billions of pounds and dollars stolen and stashed in foreign accounts by government officials since the 60’s have been lost to the foreign countries because there was no one to claim those monies after the death of the depositors. Not even their wives or children could have access to those monies. In return, the lost monies have been used to develop those countries, in which they were hidden. What an irony of fate! This is typical of the story of a child of a poor man who stole his father’s money and gave it to a man who is richer and better off than his father.

I recall that during the Second Republic in the early 80’s when the then government of President Shehu Shagari was seeking $2.8 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the then British Prime Minister, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, said that there were Nigerians who could provide the money for the country. That shows how a privileged few have milked the country dry to the detriment of the majority.

The problem of Nigeria is corruption. The average Nigerian is corrupt, and we need to shed this toga. Given the enormous resources that God has blessed us with, it is a shame that we are in a situation where nothing works, where there are no good roads, water or electricity.” – Elombah Perspective

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