Nigeria: DPP Is An Orphan, Pdp Is Abuja Imposter; Acn Tells Delta Voters

By Fejiro Oliver

As the campaign on who occupies the Delta Central Senatorial District senate seat gets hotter, the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate, O’Tega Emerhor has launched out serial campaigns against his two major opponents, the PDP and DPP. In series of messages sent to voters, he asked the Urhobos to jettison the DPP as they are a party without national spread, as well as an orphan whose hobby is to contest and lose


On the PDP candidate, he urged voters not to vote for a candidate imposed by the presidency, as it will mean selling their birthright. He told the presidency to give their candidate, Aguariwvodo a political position instead of trying to impose him on the people of the district. “Urhobos, shine your eyes! Don’t accept PDP/Abuja imposition. Urhobos are capable of choosing their senator. Let Abuja give Aguariavwodo appointment”, one of the messages read.

The ACN dismissed the PDP candidate as having a good past, who could not create job opportunities when he had the chance. He ascribed him as a man whose lips are deceitful and coated with sugar. In a poll released by them, they gave opinion poll statistic as Emerhor winning 74%, Aguariawvodo having 16% while the DPP candidate, Ede got 10% of the votes

Meanwhile the PDP in the state has told voters that only their candidate Aguariawvodo has the key to Aso Rock and the only man with legislative experience.

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