Nigeria: Femi Aribisala hallucinates about the end of the Bola Tinubu dynasty

By Phillip Nwogu

Femi Aribisala’s recent piece in the Vanguard about the beginning of the end of Bola Tinubu dynasty took his diatribe

and obsession against Tinubu to a disturbing height. Aribisala ascribes to himself the power of prophecy he does not possess and reveals in that process the vacuity of his mind.

Tinubu did not set out to build a dynasty. So, Aribisala hallucination begins about a dynasty in retreat. He is disconnected in thought and empty in comprehension. Tinubu is not about a dynasty. He is about the political school that empowers the best and that is courageous to protect and save the weak.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a colossus, an achiever of repute a seasoned politician and an honourable man. The theme of Aribisala’s retrogressive piece albeit derogatory remarks is shameful and very uninspiring. Besides, it is unintellectual and irrational.

Losing an election by a political party, Mr Aribisala, does not spell doom for its members or leaders. It only sensitizes you to their grievance or rejection and gives you a chance to regroup and correct the wrongs or gives the electorate a chance to see areas they made a wrong choice.

Even the PDP lost in some states at the last election. Why must the APC loss spell doom? What draconian percepts rule your mind and opinion? That is the whole essence of democracy, speaking through the ballot box. Asiwaju is a democrat, a progressive, a leader and a gentleman. Please depart from the view that APC is all about Asiwaju. There are many leaders in the party national figures. I am aware you are in awe of Asiwaju and just can’t contend with his vision, strength, doggedness and skills so you strive to bring him down by your pen power. I implore you not to try to bring a house God is building down for your downfall looms in the process.

We are getting to an era in Nigerian politics where defeat is acceptable and not a doom era as your myopic short sightedness tells you. Papa Awolowo never became President even though it was his lifelong ambition. He lost many bids for the office of President yet he has accomplished a feat in Yoruba land and Nigerian political sphere that our children and generations unborn will read about in history books. So it is with Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you will notice I referred to him here as senator. All you have said and critiqued in your shameful article is evidence of your resentment born out of sheer misconceptions and perhaps you are being hoodwinked or encouraged to defame an honourable man. He has made many sacrifices for the south west including risking his life why not eulogize him. No man is perfect only God but you blame him for loosing Ondo and Ekiti yet you criticize him as being a dictator. Have you cared to opine if the loss of those southwest states was down to his not playing an active role on the governance and leaving it to the governors to run their states . His mistake might have been just that, yet you happen to take the opposite view.

I can’t imagine what dynasty you speak of if a man and his family follow a certain calling. Is Fani-Kayode not in politics after his father? Are the Awolowo’s not in politics, government and journalism, like their father and grandfather? Are Femi Anikulapo-Kuti and his son, Made, and other siblings not holding on to their fathers dream? I have a problem with your thought process every good thing or positive step by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is wrong to you and instead of holding your thoughts you care to print them in the newspapers. Why must you pursue such mission against your kinsman and fellow Yoruba leader who has more good to show from his actions than bad? Your agenda is treasonable against Egbe Omo Oduduwa. You are not working in the theme of an Afenifere. Femi e o fenkanrere….

Nigeria is at crossroads and nationalistic ideals to move the country forward is required from everyone. We shall all participate where relevant. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the Jargaban Borgu kingdom, is certainly playing a pivotal role in nation building. He has a captive audience of loyalist that will never fail him. The structures he has put in place has been the panacea for growth , industrial development , improved infrastructure , creation of wealth , educational advancement , shelter, security improvement to mention a few.

We have entered a new era called stomach infrastructure which we learnt was the key to Fayose’s suspicious victory in Ekiti. Did Brutus not speak to the people about Caesars ambition to justify the conspiracy to kill him, where the people not convinced till Mark Anthony relayed some home truths… so let it be with Ekiti. Fayose has conspired with PDP to fool the people but the time is coming when they shall realize their saviour is APC. You can fool the people sometime but you can’t fool them all the time.

This is an epic era in Nigerian history when we must abhor negativity. Femi Aribisala you are becoming very unpopular with your articles.

Written by Phillip Nwogu

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