by Ogbuefi Blogs

Nigeria’s three northern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa is being decimated by Islamist insurgency. The Nigerian military forces have since initiated a major operation in those north-east aimed at eliminating Boko Haram. The terrorists have targeted public infrastructures, closed schools, destroyed local economies, killed many people and forced many more to

leave their homes. Surprisingly, northern elites would rather blame President Goodluck Jonathan, who in May 2013, declared a state of emergency in the three northern states worst hit by Islamist insurgency for “declaring war against the north” (in the words of Muhammadu Buhari).

However according to Olusegun Adeniyi of Thisday newspaper, “the Muslim north blames every body else but themselves for the calamity, they imposed on themselves”.


According to the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Assistance, since 2013 Boko Haram’s attacks have displaced around 300,000 people. Most have fled to other states, the remainder seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Recently, the government relief agency, the National Emergency Management Agency, declared a humanitarian crisis affecting more than three million people. Yet the group has shown remarkable resilience and even intensified its assaults.

Apart from a deteriorating economy, poor basic services and rampant corruption, the north suffers weak education and few job opportunities. According to the United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organization, the number of children in Nigeria without access to education increased by 3.6 million between 2000 and 2010, and one in six (10.5 million) do not attend formal schooling. In 2008 half of northern children did not attend school and matters have since deteriorated: in Borno all secondary schools have been shut down, affecting 120,000 students. Neglect has also allowed a misappropriation of education facilities – in particular the Almajiri boarding schools, whose teachers preach fundamentalism and instill hatred towards the West, making them a fertile ground for violence.

Despite the urgency of the situation, a war of words is currently going on between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State over the later’s claim that the Federal Government is committing genocide against northerners.

The Presidency yesterday described a memo written by Nyako to the Northern Governors’ Forum as a sad betrayal of trust by a major beneficiary of Nigerian nation.

The memo highlighted Governor Nyako’s fears that the Presidency may intentionally not be doing enough to solve the many problems of insecurity in the North.

Reacting to the claims, the Presidency said the Governor’s positions smacks of “an unmitigated leadership disaster.”

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said the content of the governor’s letter betrays his lack of a sense of history. According to Okupe, the memo portrayed the governor as incapable of rising above parochial sentiments as a result of his deep rooted disdain for facts and truth in public discourse.

Reacting to the presidency’s statement same day, Governor Nyako said the response by the Presidency to his memo to Northern Governors has further proved that those running the Federal Government are too arrogant and confused in their handling of the affairs of the country.

Accusing the Presidency of telling lies and feeding the public with untruth in its response to his memo to fellow Governors of the northern states on the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic sect and other issues of insecurity, Nyako, in a statement by the Director, Press and Public Affairs in the Government House, Ahmad Sajoh, said it is now very clear that President Goodluck Jonathan is very complacent about the insecurity in the northern part of the country.

“How come the insurgents move with a large convoy of vehicles through routes that have 24 hours military check points?” asked Ahmad I. Sajoh.

Objective Nigerians may wish to ignore the many insulting remarks made by Mr Sajoh against President Jonathan, but the above question he asked should be thoroughly investigated and answered.

“With a state of emergency in place, police check points 24 hours, and ground troops all over and Boko Haram still having 100% success rate in their target areas, tell me Nigerian military is not involved”, asked Ekong Etuk.

“In my view point, it tells me that Nigerian military is seriously involved in helping Boko Haram to succeed”, he concluded.

Nonetheless, rather than directing that question to the president solely, the question should also be directed at the governors of the affected areas, “to the loquacious and cowardly Emirs and Lamidos who are threatening to scamper to the Republic of Cameroun, and to the so called Northern leaders?”

Nebukadineze Adiele wrote: “The Inspector General of police is a northern Muslim, so are most of the Service Chiefs, GOCs, and heads of other security apparatuses; the Defense Minister and the National Security Adviser are also Northern Muslims, yet northern Muslims are running rampant in the North with mass killings and abductions of Northern young women. Instead of this shameless governor, Murtala Nyako, to go into retrospection, he is measuring uncircumcised dick with the president needlessly.

“It’s time the Northern leaders are held accountable for boko haram. I had always abstained from doing so but the freedom, the boldness, and the sophistication with which boko haram succeeds makes it unreasonable not to wonder if they are operating at the behest of most of these unscrupulous politicians who mouth off recklessly.

“How could boko haram roam about without the citizens of these areas seeing them and alerting the security personnel before their striking? If they drive past mounted soldiers and police, that is reason enough to question the roles of the Northern Muslim security chiefs I mentioned above (in leadership roles within the security forces).

“It is stupid of anyone to accuse the president of Nigeria of carrying out this boko haram butchering. The president must not have done a worthy job in stopping the violence but accusing him of carrying it out makes no sense whatsoever. This wrong pointing of the fingers has emboldened me into suspecting Northern politicians of organizing and orchestrating boko haram, stupidly believing that it will hasten Jonathan’s exit from office or dissuade him from re contesting. They are wrong because their conduct is garnering Jonathan the opposite of their beliefs.

“Governor Nyako makes a fool himself every time he opens his mouth. This old man of over 70 years old has no respect for himself whatsoever — he acts thoughtlessly. Not long ago, he was in Washington DC, with a few other dumb governors, and they sang like the canary before Susan Rice, who was in elementary school the first time that Murtala Nyako was a military governor. These fools blabbed on their president to a mere adviser to president Obama (who was also in secondary school when Nyako was a military governor). But for the objection of Ambassdor Adefuye, they would have divulged any state secret in their possession. Had a few governors of some states in the US done the opposite of what Nyako and his band of thoughtless Northern colleague-governors did, the US Justice Department would be investigating them by now for possible espionage and disloyalty to the United States of America.

“I believe in the continuation of Nigeria as one nation, with devolution of some powers to future reconstituted regions. But if the North wants to continue to act the fool of wanting to always rule, else there is mayhem in Nigeria and their elites embarrass all of us abroad (as did Nyako and his colleagues), then I say let us break up the country peacefully now, possibly through this ongoing confab.

“This is 2014, I am not interested in sharing a country with anyone who is stupid enough to kill people in the name of Allah; any stupid governors who go to Washington DC to badmouth their country and their president before youngsters who are mere aides (not even cabinet Secretaries or elected senators), or anyone who anyone who indulges in all sorts of evil just to get into power.

“It is too bad and regrettable that Governor Nyako talks flippantly and unintelligibly but to now know that his press aides are borderline illiterates galls me.

“For years, governor Raji Fashola criminally and serially deported hundreds of Northern poor folks from Lagos state and dumped them at the mercy of inclement weather and armed robbers at the Kachia express way. Not a single Northern governor uttered a word in abhorrence of Fashola’s fascism; not a single Northern governor rehabilitated those unfortunate folks. But when Fashola tried it with a mere 18 or 20 Igbos, the entire world heard from Ndi Igbo and Fashola apologized and has stopped his criminal conduct of deporting his fellow Nigerians. Igbo governors, especially Peter Obi of Anambara, gave him a bit of their minds and picked up the amelioration of the injustice visited upon those Igbos.

“The way Igbo fought for the right of those impoverished Igbos is the way America fights for its citizens and that breeds the love of country that US citizens exhibit. Not only do Northern leaders do the opposite of what Igbo leaders do for their abused citizens, they also turn around to abuse their abused citizens further by using them as boko haram fighters, just to get back to power. It’s time that Nigerians stared these crooked northern leaders in the eyes and told them to go and sit down. It is also time that the impoverished northerners told their leaders that their joke is up.

“Henceforth, I am holding northern leaders and some of their intelligentsia responsible for boko haram. They are sponsoring it; they are giving cover to the terrorists; they are embarrassing Nigeria and Africa with their primitive behaviors. These northern governors have gone too far and they must be checked right away. The president must put his foot down now and impose severe emergency measures in those boko haram infested states. Since the constitution makes no provision for what befalls sitting governors who indulge in terrorism and treason, I suggest that the president takes the extraordinary measure of replacing these governors with military governors (as did president Lincoln in some of the states during the American Civil War) until boko haram is eliminated. I stated the above because I have genuine cause to believe that these governors, especially Nyako and Kwakwanso, are sponsoring and shielding boko haramites.

“Enough of this nonsense, folks, it’s time to kill Ali Baba!”

Ogbuefi Ndigbo