Nigeria: Is Pastor Tunde Bakare A Man of God?

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Jan 22nd, 2013

Here is what Pastor Tunde Bakare said on January 20, 2013. “I am of the firm belief and conviction that there will be no election in 2015. I am of the firm belief that this house of cards will collapse before 2015. Under Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria as a whole has become a titanic ship on sail to hit the iceberg and sink. Right-

thinking people must rise to rescue the helm of that ship from his (Jonathan’s) hand before he wrecks the entire nation. As it is now, what we have does not have what it takes to drag Nigeria along; and anything can happen anytime form now. And I pray that it would be for the benefit of the entire nation, if we have a kind of Jehu revolution (where the worshipers of Baal and the worshippers of the altar of greed were all dealt with) as it also happened in Ghana, there may be some hope there” Pastor Tunde Bakare

Here is what Mr. Bakare is REALLY saying:
Nigeria will disintegrate before 2015 in which case there will be no election.
Nigeria was doing well under Obasanjo and Yar’ Adua and the other leaders before Jonathan.
Right-thinking people should (the military) should overthrow the Jonathan Administration to save the drifting country.
This new government would execute Jonathan and his people just as Rawlings did in Ghana in a previous dispensation. It will be in the interest of Nigeria.

And this is from a man who presents himself as a man of God?

Of course every word of Mr. Bakare’s above is a lie. Nigeria will be there in 2015 (I will bet him $5.00). Nigeria was not doing well before Jonathan took office and the situation has not worsened. As for inciting the military to over throw an elected government, I will leave that to those who know what constitutes treason or encouraging treasonable activities is, and what the penalty is. The last point: killing off Jonathan and his people is the most ungodly action a priest would propose. And it is a lie that it would be in the interest of Nigeria.

One good turn is likely beget another. We have 1966 as our guide.

Hatred and ambition are a dreadful things at the hands of an ambitious politician especially when masked in religious vestments.

Let us accept that Rawlings Revolution turned Ghana around, but is this a price Nigerians should be willing to pay? We also know that after the First World War Hitler turned Germany around and made her the foremost power in Europe. How many Nigerians would want Hitler’s solution if it turns Nigeria into Germany or into Ghana?

I wonder.If Mr. Bakare were indeed a man of God for he would have embraced some well known religious leaders who have labored successfully to change their world.

On this Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday I would suggest that Luther’s life of peaceful revolution would have been chosen by another man of God. King did not command any army, incite violent revolution or other atrocious activities yet he was able to stop the Vietnam War; to enact the Civil rights Laws that have made Obama possible and completely changed America. I would think that a religious leader, such as Mr. Bakare claims he is, would think in terms of Mahatma Gandhi who drove England out of India without firing a shot. Coming nearer home, I would have thought that pastor Bakare would have heard of the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and Bishop Tutu who turned around the Apartheid South Africa without killing off the enslaving White rulers. It is to the credit of Bishop Tutu that as a man of God he stepped in after the change of government and presided over the Truth and Reconciliation Committee which saved South Africa from blood birth.

Reverend Bakare is calling for murder in the Cathedral.

The religious leaders, mentioned above, suffered minor inconveniences such as prisons, isolation, detentions, etc. But they were willing to pay the price and to protect the lives of their fellow men and women.

Even those who were exploiting their nation.
by Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Why is Tunde Bakare not out in the streets leading peaceful demonstrations? Why is his cry from the pulpit ever Sunday that of slash, burn, kill, destroy?

Is Pastor Tunde Bakare really a man of God?

I ask again.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba
Boston, Massachusetts

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