Unity of Nigeria as an entity will be further strengthened if Nigerians elect the first president from the minority South-South geopolitical zone in 2011, the Ekiti State chapter of the Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organisation has said.

State coordinator of the organisation, Mr Femi Akinyemi, while addressing local government and ward coordinators of the organisation during a meeting in Ado-Ekiti, described 2011 as crucial to the survival of Nigeria as an indivisible entity.

He said: “The moment President Goodluck Jonathan is elected as President of Nigeria, we would have succeeded in telling the outside world that North, South, East and West Nigeria are all one.

“In 2011, what we only need on our part is to remain steadfast as members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and continue to support the presidential aspiration of President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice-President Namadi Sambo.

“What Nigeria needs at the moment is a president whose appeal is national and not someone that will owe his emergence as a president to ethnic sentiments.

“Therefore, you all owe it a duty to continue to educate our people on the necessity of a Goodluck Jonathan/Namadi Sambo presidency in 2011.”

Speaking further, Akinyemi, a former speaker of the old Ondo State House of Assembly, urged members and supporters of the PDP in the state to remain resolute in their support for the party, saying, “judicial victories recorded by the opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) on Ekiti and Osun States governorship elections was not a measure of acceptability of the party in the South-West and that must be shown to the entire world during the 2011 general election.