Nigeria: Jonathan’s Police College Visit: Is Our President Out Of Touch?

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Jan 22nd, 2013

If President Goodluck Jonathan was truly jolted by his “shocking discoveries” during his unscheduled visit last Friday to the Police College, Ikeja, then he is truly out oftouch with events in Nigeria,  the Nigeria Police Force and the Ministry of Police Affairs. Don’t take my word for it, simply read below what knowledgable Nigerians are saying:


“If President Jonathan had read any of the many reports on the situation in the police and the need for reform over the past few years, he would have known the condition of police training institutions across the country. For his information, other such training institutions are in an even worse condition! At least in Ikeja they have separate places for sleeping. In the ‘temporary’ college at Maiduguri, they were hanging their mattresses from the ceiling, eating their meal, then clearing the food away so that they could have their lectures, all in the same room. At night, they would lower the mattresses to sleep on. What is the point of having a Minister of Police Affairs if Jonathan doesn’t actually speak to him? Nassuming the Minister knows or cares.” – Ayo Obe

“Jonathan is living in Lala Land. Completely out of touch with reality in Nigeria. He is too busy entertaining himself, his family and cronies in Aso Rock that he doesn’t have any idea what is going on in the country and he calls himself President. Everybody in Nigeria knows the rot in Nigeria Police Force, except the clueless Jonathan. Nigeria does not need a President, Nigeria needs a leader.

The question Jonathan needs to answer Nigerians is why retain the Ministry of Police Affairs? Wasn’t he asked to scrape the Ministry among other useless Ministries and looting channels in Nigeria? Why duplicate functions? Isn’t Nigeria Police Commission performing part of the functions of the Ministry, yet he has a Ministry of Internal Affairs?

Didn’t he deliberately retain the Ministry of Police Affairs, where he has a Minister of Police Affairs and another Minister of State in the Ministry of Police Affairs, for political patronage and an avenue for looting of public funds? What exactly are these two doing other than looting monies budgeted for the Police?

Isn’t he supposed to paying surprise visits to some of these government offices and projects to see what is going on and how the monies budgeted are being spent, rather living in ‘Lala land’ and cocoon called Aso Rock, where he is completely detached, aloof and out of touch with reality called Nigeria and where he and his cronies are partying their ways out of the problems in Nigeria and always flying out of Nigeria at every opportunity, hoping that they will evaporate into the thin air and he now felt embarrassed and humiliated by his own negligence and dereliction of duties of a real leader?

You wonder why Nigeria Police men behave like monsters and shoot at people whom they supposed to protect. Who wouldn’t go insane and shoot any anyone, after going through training in a dungeon and hell they call Police College in Nigeria, a place not fit for animals?

Jonathan is sitting on a time bomb that is waiting to explode. He may never wake up before the cookie called Nigeria crumbles” – Kayode Adebayo

“Crime corrrespondents or investigative reporters outside thst fold should do their job. And it pretty simple: what was the budget for PCI and the  in 2012 in the last 10 years? What happened to it? There was a police/armed foces intervention fund for the renovation of several police and army barracks unde Abacha,/Abdulsalami  and Obasanjo. What happened.

A policeman was sniggered at the painting of a few buildings at Garki barracks in Abuja as window dressing in 2007/2008. What happened to such votes?

And what is the value of suprintending role of the Police Affairs Commission, Police Affais ministry in the mix?

And  where were the Police Affairs or Securit Committees in the Senate and the House of Reps and their several oversight visits in the last 12 years? Should this have escaped ther radar? Many questions, several questions.” – Atanda Gbadamosi

“Just too many questions. Makes me remember how Tafa Balogun was amassing billions while The Police, their welfare and infrastructure was decaying! He was amassing billions and piling them in banks. Billions lying idle in banks… See 2012 Budget of the Police” – From: Kerley George


Heads May Roll After Jonathan’s Police College Visit – Punch

Unbelievable! President Goodluck Jonathan and the Commandant, Police College, Ikeja, Lagos, Irimiya Yerima, during Jonathan’s visit to the college… on Friday.

SHOCKING discoveries by President Goodluck Jonathan during his unscheduled visit on Friday  to the Police College, Ikeja, may lead to a major shake-up  in  the Nigeria Police Force and the Ministry  of Police Affairs, findings by The PUNCH have revealed.

A Presidency official, who spoke to one our correspondents in confidence, on Sunday, said, “The picture being painted is that of total neglect of the police training colleges, including the one in Ikeja.

“But the fact is that some money was budgeted for those colleges. How has the money been spent? There will be a probe and anybody found wanting will be sacked.”
Already, sources said top officials at the Ministry of Police Affairs, the Police Service Commission, and the office of the Inspector-General of Police have  been put under scrutiny over the condition of  the PCI.

It was also gathered that the DIG ‘E’ Department, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo, who oversees training in the Nigeria Police, might be called upon to give explanations on the “unacceptable magnitude” of rot in the police training schools.

Jonathan, who could not hide his anger during  the visit to the PCI  en route Cote d’Ivoire for the ECOWAS Summit on Mali, said  that the  rot , being televised as a documentary on a Lagos-based privately-owned Channels Television, was meant to tarnish the image of his  administration.

The documentary was said to have informed his unscheduled visit to the college.
“This is a calculated attempt to damage the image of this government. The Police College, Ikeja, is not the only training institution in Nigeria,” he had said.

His questions on who got Channels  to film the depreciation in facilities caused by years of sustained decay were not answered  by  the embattled commandant of the college.

A confidant of the President said that Jonathan was of the view that those appointed to occupy sensitive positions had failed to do their jobs.
The President’s visit coincided with a  wedding reception being held at the Police College.

There were fears that the police college had long deviated from the standard norms associated with a police formation .

It was learnt that the field of the Police College was being rented out to the public for ceremonies ranging from weddings, funerals and sundry social activities. The proceeds from such rentals hardly appear in the college’s books nor do  they  reflect in the maintenance of facilities in the school.

Also, those in charge of the PCI  were alleged to place priority on such rentals at the expense of serious training programmes in the school.

The Police Public Relations Officer  of the PCI, Mr. Agu Genny, however, said he did not know if money was paid to the college for renting the field as it was not under his responsibility.

“I don’t know how much or if money is paid for using the field because it is not my responsibility. That question should be directed to the officer in charge of finance or the commandant of the college”, he said.

Like the proceeds from the rentals, monies realised from  billboards, including spectacular  boards that are rented by advertising agencies, are not accounted for.

An officer, who declined to give his name because of the sensitivity of the scandal, said, “Look, for many years outdoor advertising agencies have always  erected their spectacular billbords in our premises.

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