atikuBy By Daniel Abia Snr Correspondent, P/H

Ex-militants in the Niger Delta region are now very angry over what they term as a clear gang-up against the second term bid of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 by some bigwigs in the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

For spearheading the break-up of the PDP and threatening to stop Jonathan from enjoying a second term in office, former leaders of militant camps in the Niger Delta have declared Atiku Abubakar a persona non-grata in the region.

The leaders, drawn from all the states of the region, converged on Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, on Saturday under the aegis of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative to review political developments in the country.

Addressing journalists in Port Harcourt in Rivers State after the meeting, president of the group, Gen. Reuben Wilson, said the former vice-president had declared himself an enemy of the Niger Delta the day he led other members of the PDP to organise what he called a political coup against Jonathan.

Wilson said: “It is unfortunate that Atiku who has benefitted so much from the Niger Delta oil is leading dissidents in a political coup against the first southerner to ever ascend to the seat of president of Nigeria.

“We are aware of his vast business interest in the Niger Delta and we are warning him in his own interest to stay off the region. He cannot be enjoying our oil money and at the same time use the same money to fight against the owners of the oil.

“What we thought we would be hearing from the north is how the Federal Government will implement the spirit and letters of the amnesty programme.

“Before the former president, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, died he had promised that as soon as we dropped our arms and allow an unhindered flow of oil from the creeks, we would be given a lifeline. He had promised that we would be empowered to live a new life from the resources of our oil.

“We have been waiting patiently for this to happen. Doubtless, our acceptance of peace benefitted Atiku and his ilk. Why did he not lead a campaign for the Federal Government to provide the empowerment tools? Why has he found it convenient to distract the president from rendering service to Nigerians?

“It is the same northerners that vowed that they will make the country ungovernable for Jonathan? By splitting the PDP and causing further tension in the polity, they are demonstrating the agenda of giving Jonathan sleepless nights with the intention of painting Jonathan, to enable them take over power in 2015.”

“We dare say that they have misfired. What we expect Atiku to do in the next seven days is for him to apologise to the president for the public embarrassment. He has misled so many people, including the Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who has abandoned governance in his state to follow the anti-Jonathan apostles.

“We are also asking Amaechi to return to his senses and disassociate himself from the northern agenda of destroying Jonathan, otherwise we will also be compelled to declare him an enemy of the people.

“As we speak now, there are no roads in Port Harcourt. Even the projects that were started during his first term have since been abandoned. He promised the people uninterrupted power supply and, instead of fulfilling the promises, he now spends more time playing politics of 2015.”

He urged the president to remain focused and refuse to be distracted by the antics of those who are fighting with the aim of distracting him.

He said the former militants are waiting patiently for the Federal Government to fully implement the terms of the amnesty programme.
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