Nigeria: Suspected school bus hijacker shot dead

LAGOS — Nigeria’s special joint military force has killed an alleged kidnapper blamed for a series of abductions of workers and other crimes in southern Abia State, a spokesman said Monday.

“Obioma Nwankwo, otherwise known as Osisikankwu, was killed during a shootout between his gang and the JTF (military force),” Lieutenant Colonel Musa Sagir told AFP.

He said the military was hunting for other members of the gang that has terrorised the state and its surrounding area in recent months.

Gangs have abducted many local and foreign workers, some in the oil industry, in Aba, the capital of the state in the past few months.

Kidnappings have turned into big business in the Niger Delta and the southeast as abductors often demand ransoms from their victims or their families.

The JTF was deployed in September to restore order at the height of the violence which forced banks, finance houses, shops and other businesses to close down.