By Chijioke Ngobili

Bianca Ojukwu, this pride of yours is just so unnecessary! That you are beautiful and highly-placed does not mean you are not just like other women who do have one or two misunderstandings with their ex, but later settle it or walk away silently.

I don’t like Femi-Fani Kayode’s shameless misconducts in this whole thing but I do not see the reason why you should want to insult the memory of your husband and our Leader, the late Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, all because you feel you were once the most beautiful woman in Nigeria and an ambassador to Spain.

Upon the fact that you’ve been clearly fingered in the disqualification of Chukwuma Soludo — a reputable choice for Anambra’s governorship — which keeps a great question mark over your head, you still have not been able to make do with that particular embarrassment.

Rather than simply alowing FFK to pass off like a sick person after he apologized to you, you still maintained that his apology was “not satisfactory”, and that you will still sue him.

Now, let me tell you Mrs. Ambassador; you may defeat Femi Kayode in the courts, but by the time you sit quietly in the silence of the night and in the silence of your heart, you will surely realize how you may have reduced yourself — and you will feel it more when you are 50.

Moreover, don’t be surprised when many who rubbished FFK and who are massaging your ego now would begin to sing another song telling you; “You brought this upon yourself”. And if it does, I will leave FFK and blame you thoroughly myself.

As long as am concerned, there’s nothing too special about your beauty that people have not seen in others. As a matter of fact, there are more beautiful ladies born these days than in your days. Stop feeling like your legs, face and all that are made of gold; you’re just a mortal like me — and we shall all rot in our caskets 6ft below when our times are come. You and I are just potential decayed matters and nothing else!

It is better for you to back off from this needless ‘romantic battle’ with FFK. Whether you had anything to do with Femi or not, just abandon the issue since it’s clear that he reduced himself apologizing to you and eating back his words. Afterall, we all have our dirty romantic pasts that we hide so deeply. No one is a saint!

Chetakwa na ufodu ndi ofe anarokwa enwe ifele n’iru fa oo; Femi sokwa n’ofu n’ime fa. In the end, the person that should feel shame will never do so, but you because you’ve got a very high sense of it being onye Igbo you are. Onye a na-ekili ekili adirokwa mma I gba oto oo! Nganga ka okenye ji agbalu efi ara oso, mana o putaro na O ga-emeri efi ara ma ya na ya nuo ogu, kama oo ndu ya ka o na-azo.

Let those who love, know and see you tell you this!