Nigeria: Truth & Politics – Don’t Go Together!

By IndepthAfrica
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Dec 13th, 2012

Just some quick thoughts – the ‘Rich’ class think and side with the politics of businesswhile poor people are consumed by the business of politics. 


The poor unbeknownst to them do so believing in politics religiously while they are left with empty promises , unmet and unfulfilled agenda, leaving them wondering what happened with their vote? Government for the people by the people, is more like ‘Animal Farm’, survival of the fittest: All animals created equal but some more equal than others – get in line. If one can’t, stay to the side and wait for social welfare programs and be glad for what is doled out. When one see politics as business, they behave like the [rich] – benefits and having relationships on and from both sides. It takes possessing the two sides of a coin, to own it. Can one be happy with one side of a coin?


Pull back a minute and one can see there is really no difference between the handlers of GOP and Democrats; none of them ever say, ‘I will do the work for minimum wage and move into poor neighborhoods so they live, feel and see what exists there. No, they speak to poor people from posh offices, good homes and appear to solve problems for them from comfort zones – Really! It is fallacy, and we Americans often like lies as the truth as a mantra to set one free, is meant for those with putty brain. There is no truth in the exercise of politics – having the electorate confused, serves the interests of the master.


Jump into the stream of history and swim as fast as one can, is a good way to understand earthly life – most do not get to stop lights and knowingly yield to another – They just go – ‘energizer bunny’.


In America, we have gotten confused dishing out and using numbers, figures, opinions, stats to explain things that even defy simply logic.  For instance, listen to Bob Woodward, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill Priest, Eliot Spitzer, etc., I often wonder why can’t they just shut up? To make their case, they claim to have inside information but will not disclose such.


Can we live transparent life when we do not disclose? Why are journalists accorded this exclusive right of non-disclosure when what they say are not verified, unduly impacting us? What stops the so called purveyors of truth from making things up to beef up books/opinions, claiming that they have insiders and access? It is fallacy at its height. Journalists overwhelm us with information but refuse often to disclose. More like, “trust me, I am here to save you”? Believe this, and one believes anything like James Hadley Chase eloquently stated in many of his novels; ‘suckers are born every second’. Are we suckers in US America?


Given our penchant to engage and promote confusing and contradicting views/opinions, we by default seek and pay those who make most noise with sound bites. Most Americans have become fans helping to enrich the loud mouths. To say talk is cheap, is not understanding that talkshow hosts are often millionaires. Talking in America pays, even when what is talked is just pure lies.


I don’t know if I have added to your confusion, but politics of giving to Jesus and recognizing Caesar, makes one ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ – friends to all sides. One never go wrong with good friendships but one can and always do with politics.




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