Nigeria: Vintage Omisore Double-Speak On Late Bola Ige

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Jul 25th, 2014

By Nelson Ekujumi

Osun state gubernatorial election news: As the Osun state gubernatorial elevation draws near on August 9, 2014, it behooves on us to avail the electorate any information we can gather about the aspirants in order to enable them make informed choice. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you some data on the Senator Iyiola Omisore of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Vintage Omisore Double-Speak On Late Bola Ige:

In the PUNCH interview I’ve referred to, the newspaper asked him point blank if he did not kill Ige. “I did not,” he replied, “kill Chief Bola Ige at all. I can’t kill anybody, anyway, not to talk of Chief Bola Ige. Chief Bola Ige was my leader. He was like an uncle in-law to me.” He did not, he also said, instigate the removal of Ige’s cap and glasses in the palace of the Ooni of Ife, a humiliation which presaged Ige’s brutal murder in his own residence in Ibadan.

And now this:

“Recently too,” he said in the interview, “Bola Ige came on radio here to insult me and my family. That Is The Last One. He was beaten yesterday, the people of Ife beat him up and he was crying like a baby as they removed his cap and his glasses…He was disgraced out of Ife, he had to be dressed like a woman to get out of town.”(Again, emphasis mine).

Asked in effect if he approved Ige’s humiliation, he said yes in effect. “He has offended Ife people. If he insults me, he has insulted my people and they have the right to react.”

Omisore concluded the interview by describing Ige as a Yoruba traitor. “Bola Ige,” he said, “is a traitor to Afenifere. He is the Akintola of our time. What Akintola did to Awolowo is what Bola Ige is doing to Adesanya and to the Yoruba people.”

It is truly amazing how the man can now turn around to say he never held anything against Ige but, instead, had always regarded the chief as his leader and an “uncle in-law”, whatever that means. Osun people, be the judge

written by Nelson Ekujumi

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