Nigeria: Why I won’t pray for Mrs Okonjo-Iweala

I rarely discuss Nigerian politics as it is a complete waste of time and a mere offshoot of the main problem, but I learnt over the weekend that the finance minister, Okonjo Iweala’s mother was kidnapped. Well, talk about the chickens coming home to roost! And some random people are worried and sending out prayers. Did the menace

of kidnapping in Nigeria begin last night?

When the common man and woman and child were being kidnapped what did the government do?

The writings were on the wall BUT as long as it didn’t affect them in power they didn’t care about the lives of the common man.

My friend Lanre ‘Lalah’ Fashesin has been kidnapped for 4 months. Taken from PHCN construction site while working as a contractor for Dexton Engineering Limited based in Lagos BUT nothing has been done.

The police has given up, nothing heard from him in over 3 months.

And somehow we aren’t supposed to rest because Okonjo’s mother was kidnapped?

And I know many random Nigerians that have fallen victim to this menace and situation.

Who is supporting them?Who is fighting for them against these criminals?Who is helping them recover their kidnapped loved ones?

And somehow Iweala’s tale becomes the national mourn.Just like the President’s brother died and the nation was almost thrown to a stand-still.

How many Nigerians lose their lives daily from this insanity we call a nation and state?How many?

Your lives aren’t worth a kobo to them!Your lives aren’t worth anything to them!

Hence they don’t care.

As long as the problem doesn’t affect them, they care not BUT you still blindly follow them and make them lords and rulers over you.

A man/woman who has made a rapist lord over him shouldn’t complain of being raped, should he?

A man who has made a thief his boss shouldn’t wonder why he keeps getting stolen from.

And please don’t tell us about your prayers.Till date we haven’t seen your prayers stop bombs or save kidnapped people.

We haven’t seen your prayers and gods rescue children and others from bomb blasts or prevented kidnapping.

Only in a deteriorated society does such insanity work and thrive!

Your ignorance and lackadaisical attitude has made these scoundrels lords over you!

The earlier you rid them out of offices and rescue your lives and lands the better for you!

By Teekay Akin [ Akin Adeseye]