Nigeria: Why We Refused Omisore Entry into Our Community

By Ayo Akinola

Ogbaaga, Wakajaiye and Odeyinka communities, near Ikire and Gbongan, Osun State.

It sounds unbelievable but it is real, as youths and leaders of Ogbaaga and Wakajaiye communities near Gbongan as well as those of Odeyinka near Ikire trooped out of their residences and blockaded roads leading to their respective communities on hearing that the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Iyiola Omisore was coming on campaign visits.

According to Dauda Oladele, a youth leader in Ogbaaga who spoke to this writer, the youths and elders of the area had a crucial meeting a day prior to the reported visit of Omisore to their community, adjacent and few kilometers to Gbongan. According to Oladele, “we held a meeting which was well attended by adult members of the community as well as youths. In the meeting, it was resolved that we should not allow him (Omisore) into our community, among other resolutions”.

Asked why this drastic decision, especially with freedom of movement and association as fundamental rights of citizens of Nigeria to move about, and if this was not tantamount to infringement, the youth leader responded thus, “yes, we know that there is right to movement and association but in a situation where this candidate is coming around to corrupt our people with voodoo rice and kerosene, we also have the right to disallow him from polluting our community. Where his right stops, our own begins. Information filtered in that he was coming with these items. We do not know his real intention because we have been hearing stories of the food items being laced. We do not want to take chances. Our children are innocent and they could be easily carried away, and in other to prevent any unwanted consequences, we decided to move fast on him”.

Similar stories akin to the above were told by community members of Wakajaiye, also close to Gbongan as well as Odeyinka, near Ikire. In the case of Ikire, the youths even went as far as singing derogatory songs to the hearing of the visiting candidate to show their disdain for him. It was learnt that as Omisore moved to surrounding areas close to schools, kids were chanting praises of Aregbesola to Omisore’s hearing. One of the lyrics was even to the effect that the youths do not need the laced food; they were already being fed by Aregbesola. “E se oooo, e gbe majele yin lo, ao fe, Argbe ti bo wa” meaning, “thank you, go away with your poison, Aregbe has already fed us”

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