Nigerian gospel pastors and songs cannot lead you to Christ – Etcetera

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Jun 7th, 2014

Soft-rock musician, Paschal Uche Ejikeme, aka Etcetera, has opined that Nigerian Pastors and Nigerian gospel songs cannot lead one to Christ.

In a post on facebook, the singer cum controversial writer wrote “Just like our Nigerian pastors, Nigerian gospel songs cannot lead you to Christ because they are not spiritually uplifting.”

He claimed that the songs and messages are mostly about the things of the flesh, riches and fame.

“I dare you to go to any Nigerian gospel musician’s website and see if you will find a simple plan of salvation. You won’t. Most of the songs being sold to the public as “Christian songs” are religious rubbish. Most of them are songs without the truth, Church’ianity and not Christianity. Because most of the Nigerian gospel musicians are themselves not Christ-like. They carry as many babes as the worldly hip hop stars. Fornicate on Saturday night and minister to you in church on Sunday morning, tasking you to wave your handkerchief in the name of the lord,” he wrote.

Buttressing his point, he said, “Today in Nigeria, we hear of pastors and gospel artistes involved in sex scandals and visiting native doctors. You may argue that we should focus on the music and not the singer, forgetting that music generally is a very powerful force that has a way of breaking down barriers. And the same powerful force can be tainted with negative lyrics and ungodly lifestyle that can pierce through the hearts of the listeners and reshape their values.

Most of these gospel songs are written in a fashion that is strange to the principles of Christianity. Gospel singers and pastors are now covering themselves in glory. Dining with politicians who evidently display everything the Bible condemns. The Bible says in James 1:27 or 2 Peter 2:20, that the world taints and makes impure. So as a gospel artiste, God commands that you cannot live in sin like men of the world. You cannot live like the worldly musicians. If your music sounds worldly, seems worldly, and promoted like a worldly music, then it is not gospel. When you glorify anything other than God in your music, it is called idolatry. And you are giving Satan a great satisfaction.

Satan loves all the religious songs that don’t mention the truth of God’s word. So, beware brethren, all this wishy-washy, ear-tickling and worldly gospel songs won’t take you anywhere near Christ.

At this juncture, my brothers and sisters in the lord, I rest my case.”

The singer’s peculiar music style has over the years put him in a class of his own. He once frowned at some younger entertainers whose lyrics he considered too explicit and has called for positive vibes.

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