North Darfur farmers, herders form committee to protect farmlands


Farmers and pastoralists in Kutum locality, North Darfur, have decided to form a joint committee in order to protect the farmlands during the current planting season.

“From Tuesday onwards, the committee will run joint patrols to protect the farmers against assaults by militiamen,” an Omda told Radio Dabanga from Kutum.  

“The committee also decided that anyone who releases his livestock by force of arms on farmlands in the locality will be fined. The fine will be SDG100 ($27,50) for a camel, cow, or donkey, and SDG50 ($13,75) for a sheep or a goat.”

“Livestock found grazing on the farmlands will be kept in a corral. In case crops have been damaged, the fine will be SDG50 for a camel, cow, or a donkey, and SDG20 for a sheep or goat.”

The Omda noted that the joint committee reached those decisions after several meetings.

Kutum locality has been devoid of police and judicial organs since 2012.

File photo: Farmers in Foro Baranga, West Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)

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