North West: Service delivery? What service delivery?

By IAfrica
In South Africa
Jun 19th, 2014

The Constitution promises us the right of access to electricity, adequate shelter, water, and a clean environment. These are the underpinnings of service delivery. But in the North West province, people have learned to live without these things. Every so often, there is a death or a violent service delivery protest. After a flurry of headlines the government makes a statement, promises an investigation, and throws some money at the problem. But no amount of money or investigation will solve the basic problem in the North West: cadre deployment that leads to corruption and mismanagement. The towns of the North West are dying: businesses are closing down, farmers are selling out, jobs are disappearing, and services are grinding to a halt. But until the towns of the North West are served by competent people who do their jobs, there is no solution in sight. By NIKI MOORE.

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