Obama’s Idea Factory Chooses Hillary Over Obama

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Aug 16th, 2014

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It’s official. The duck is lame.

The Center for American Progress was Obama’s idea factory. Its people filled his administration. His bad ideas, particularly on foreign policy, came from CAP. Whether it was cutting health care for vets or playing up to the Muslim Brotherhood, there was a CAP stamp on it.

But now CAP is dumping Obama for Hillary.

Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress, revealed in an interview that the Center supports Hillary Clinton’s views on the handling of Iraq over President Obama’s.

Tanden appeared on RealClearPolitics’ Carl Cannon’s show, “Changing Lanes,” during which she made the admission.

“…It seems to me an independent voter could say… ‘Invading Iraq was a mistake, but leaving Iraq was a mistake.’ They could say both things,” Cannon told Tanden.

Possibly we shouldn’t be getting into wars based on what an independent voter might think, but this is how the pros think. It’s why Obama decided to bomb ISIS. And why Hillary is suddenly talking like the Bride of Rambo.

If there were any real pushback against Hillary, it would be coming from CAP. But the big lefty money is still behind Hillary.

The Clintons have also been playing up to CAP. Bill Clinton was fundraising for it in the spring. Hillary Clinton made her appearances there.

While progs claim that the Tea Party is owned by the Koch Brothers and that they’re genuinely grass roots, in fact they’re owned lock, stock and barrel by the big money boys and girls. And while some of them rejected Hillary in 2008, they’ve accepted that it’s her moment now.

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