Ogaden- alarming poor Health Service in Jigjiga Hospital

SomaliOgaden- alarming poor Health Service in Jigjiga Hospital.

File Photo: unfinished Referral Hospital in Jigjiga
11 September 2013

Jigjiga (Ogadentoday Press) – reports says that, many people in Jigjiga Kara-Mara Hospital lacks basic health service, a reliable source told Ogadentoday Press.

A Somali written report received by Ogadentoday Press through email says that many hundred in Jigjiga Kara-Mara hospital lacks medications adding that Doctors in Hospital who are paid by the regional administration in Ogaden takes bribe if they are making medical surgery operations.

The report was sent by a man who asked for not to publish his name for security reasons but told Ogadentoday Press that he traveled to Ogaden on last May.

The man claims that he left from western countries to visit Ogaden and returned now back to his family living in London.

According to report, hospital receives wounded Liyu Police militia, a paramilitary police founded by the regional administration under Ethiopian Defense Ministry in 2008 to fight against, ONLF Ogaden National Liberation Front, a secessionist group fighting for the independence of Ogaden region since 1994. Meanwhile the hospital gets the Liyu Police, the civilians are ousted and beds are prepared to wounded Liyu Police militia, the Report said.

“ I traveled into Ogaden, to see the people and development of the region in which I have been told through the media, but what I have seen was horror story, I did not go to hospital delibrelty, but I visited to see my relative who was in the hospital, said the man”

Doctors in the hospital fears to provide medications to civilians who are shot by the Liyu Police, the report said.

“I have seen through my eyes, a young man aged 22 years old who was shot by the Liyu Police, his mother was crying over him and she told me that she was asking for the doctors last two weeks to remove the bullet, but they told that they cannot until the Liyu Police orders to be removed” the man said.

Ethiopian main military Hospital refuses to accept the Liyu Police militia, the source added.

Meanwhile the regional administration has built the largest Referral hospital in Jigjiga and named the diseased Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi referral hospital, people in Ogaden and particularly in Jigjiga lacks basic right of heath service, the report indicates.

Poor are the main victims, people who have money travel to Addis Ababa or Diridawa Hospital in order to get medications, the report said, adding that patients are scattered in the corridor of the hospital lacking beds.

I am not involved any politics groups, I appreciate anyone doing good things in the region and for the people, but I am shocked what I have seen in Ogaden and the picture I was given about the region, the man said in the report.

I have seen positive things in the region, but comparing the negative things is much and worse then what I have seen.

The report, calls for the people in Ogaden living in the Diaspora and the regional government to help and change the situation of the hospital and improve medical service in the hospital.

The hospital gets some aid from the International Organizations, said the report.

The Jigjiga Kara-mara Hospital was built by Italy in 1926.

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